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  1. early and often
    Trump to Give Deposition in Tish James’s Fraud CaseWhat we know about the attorney general’s ongoing fraud case against Donald Trump and his children.
  2. politics
    Trump Organization Fined Couch-Cushion Money for 17 FeloniesThe judge’s hands were tied on this one.
  3. exhibit a
    The Trump Organization Was Convicted After a Truly Embarrassing DefenseAny lawyer would have a hard time convincing a jury of the company’s innocence, but these lawyers acted like buffoons.
  4. politics
    Attorneys in Trump Trial Struggle to Find Jurors Who Don’t Hate HimOne prospective juror who was sent home said, “I really, really don’t like Trump at all.”
  5. the law
    The Accountant Flips on Trump’s EmpireThe Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg pleads guilty as part of a deal that requires him to testify against the company.
  6. politics
    Trump’s D.C. Hotel Is Officially KaputThe capital of Trump’s conflict of interest empire has officially been sold for a reported $375 million.
  7. politics
    Trump Held in Contempt of CourtHe will have to pay $10,000 every day he does not hand over subpoenaed documents to Letitia James’s fraud probe of the Trump Organization.
  8. politics
    Trump’s Accounting Firm Says His Financial Statements Can’t Be TrustedThanks in part to the fraud investigation, Mazars USA cuts ties and says documents it prepared “should no longer be relied upon.”
  9. the national interest
    Trump: It’s Unfair for Black Prosecutors to Charge My CrimesCrooked family plays race card.
  10. politics
    Letitia James Details Fraud Claims Against Trump OrganizationThe state attorney general’s office says the former president’s company illegally inflated asset prices.
  11. politics
    Tish James Wants to Speak to the Trump KidsDon Jr. and Ivanka have been subpoenaed as part of the ongoing civil investigation into the Trump Organization.
  12. trump organization
    Trump Organization Finally Sells D.C. HotelTrump and company will reportedly pull in $375 million for the deal after two years of trying to get off their lease from the federal government.
  13. trump organization
    Could Trump’s Bronx Golf Course Be Handed Over to a Homeless Shelter Operator?The city proposed that Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point be handed to a homeless shelter provider working with a golf course company out of Georgia.
  14. media
    The Problem With Prosecutor PunditryLegal experts keep promising the walls are closing in on Trump. Haven’t we learned anything?
  15. politics
    Trump Organization, Executive Accused of Tax Fraud to Bankroll Lavish LifestyleThe company is accused of paying him $1.76 million “off the books” in the form of an apartment, Mercedes leases, and more.
  16. trump organization
    The Trump Organization Wants to Sell Its D.C. Hotel AgainThe ex-president’s business reportedly found a new real-estate broker to help ditch its lease in D.C., after the old broker dropped out following 1/6.
  17. politics
    D.A Takes Major Step Toward Deciding Whether to Charge TrumpInvestigation heads to grand jury.
  18. trump taxes
    Criminal Investigation Into Trump Org Aimed at ‘Flipping’ Longtime CFO: ReportThe Manhattan District Attorney has reportedly subpoenaed Allen Weisselberg’s personal bank records in an apparent attempt to get him to cooperate.
  19. trump organization
    Trump’s Revenue Is Cratering at the Worst Possible TimeThe ex-president has $900 million in loans coming due in the next four years, and his businesses took a 40 percent hit in 2020.
  20. trump pardons
    Everyone Trump Might Pardon Before He Leaves OfficeFrom his three eldest children to Tiger King’s Joe Exotic, there are a number of people the president may try to pardon — including himself.
  21. trump organization
    Trump Fraud Inquiries Now Include Tax Write-offs Involving Ivanka: ReportNew York authorities subpoenaed the president’s business for records concerning his eldest daughter.
  22. trump tax returns
    Manhattan District Attorney Says Trump Could Be Investigated for Tax FraudIn a filing on Monday, Cyrus Vance announced for the first time that his office had grounds to investigate Trump and his businesses for tax fraud.
  23. the national interest
    White House: Reporters Can’t Even Ask How Much Taxpayer Money Trump Is PocketingWhite House: “The Washington Post is blatantly interfering with the business relationships of the Trump Organization.” What?
  24. coronavirus
    Trump Organization Asks Trump Administration for Leniency on D.C. Hotel LeaseTrump’s business has asked the administration to suspend rent payments for the Trump International Hotel in D.C., creating obvious ethical concerns.
  25. coronavirus
    As Hotels Offer Coronavirus Aid, Trump Properties Do NothingThough the hospitality industry is shut down, the Trump Organization hasn’t opened its resorts to cities to shelter health workers or the sick.
  26. coronavirus
    The Trump Organization Is Looking for a Coronavirus Bailout: ReportTo survive these harsh times in hospitality, the president’s business is looking to its landlords and lenders for some relief.
  27. trump organization
    House Dems Want to Know Why Trump Org. Is Apparently Overcharging Secret ServiceHouse Oversight demanded that the agency submit its spending at Trump properties after a report showed exorbitant spending at the president’s resorts.
  28. new york city
    Trump’s Company Hides His Name at NYC Ice RinksWollman and Lasker rinks are now much less Trumpy.
  29. trump organization
    Ex–Business Partner Alleges Trump Organization Evaded Taxes in PanamaThe owner of a former Trump property in Panama claims that the Trump Organization withheld management fees from the Panamanian government.
  30. climate change
    Emissions From Trump’s NYC Properties Could Lead to Millions in FinesMayor Bill de Blasio held a rally at Trump Tower Monday to highlight greenhouse gas emissions from Trump Organization properties.
  31. the democrats
    Democrats Fear Investigating Don Jr. Because He’s So Relatable and Well-LikedThey have convinced themselves that investigating a trust-fund kid who kills elephants – and mocks genocides – will turn the public against them.
  32. trump organization
    T-Mobile Execs Have Spent $195K at Trump’s D.C. Hotel Since Sprint MergerBefore the merger, T-Mobile officials spent two nights at the hotel. They’ve spent at least 52 nights there since.
  33. undocumented immigration
    Trump and His Company Are No Aliens to Undocumented WorkersThe crackdown on undocumented workers at two of Trump’s clubs reveals the fake views at the heart of the president’s political career.
  34. trump organization
    NYC DA Mulls Slapping Trump Organization With Criminal ChargesBecause Trump wouldn’t be able to pardon his way out of this, it’s a potentially momentous development.
  35. Arrest Made After Paraglider Interrupts Trump’s Scotland InfomercialThe anti-Trump protester had buzzed the president’s struggling Scottish golf resort, which may not get the publicity or revenue boost Trump expects.
  36. Trump Organization to Panama’s President: Help Us, or Face ‘Repercussions’They didn’t like how the courts ruled, so they asked the president to intervene — though that would violate Panama’s separation of powers.
  37. swampland
    501 Days of Trump & Co. Stealing America BlindA constant drip of corruption. And this is just what we know so far …
  38. Trump Org Donates $151,000 in Foreign Profits to U.S. TreasuryCritics say the donations are an admission that Trump violated the foreign emoluments clause.
  39. Trump Is No Longer Bothering to Conceal His CorruptionDon Jr., the manager of the president’s “blind trust,” is heading to India to sell condos — and give a speech on foreign policy.
  40. Trump’s D.C. Hotel Had Fewer Guests, Higher Prices Than Peers Last YearA rare look at how the Trump Organization’s commercial nexus in Washington has been faring.
  41. The Trump Organization Bails on Its Struggling Soho HotelBusiness has been down since the election.
  42. Trump Is Using DOJ Lawyers to Defend His Right to Profit From the PresidencyAt least ten Justice Department officials are working on lawsuits against the president’s businesses.
  43. Trump’s Presidency Is Taking a Toll On His BusinessAs cosmopolitan elites shun Trump’s hotels and resorts, his company grows more reliant on swamp-fueled profits.
  44. trump organization
    Charities Are Pulling Their Events From Trump’s Mar-a-Lago ResortThe perceived toxicity of the president has spread to the winter White House.
  45. intrigue
    Felix Sater: Donald Trump’s Original Russia ConnectionFelix Sater has cut deals with the FBI, Russian oligarchs, and Donald Trump. He’s also quite a talker.
  46. Sad: Trump’s Net Worth Slips to a Measly $2.9 BillionDeclining values of three NYC office buildings are responsible for the dip.
  47. emoluments clause
    Is Trump Inc. the President’s Greatest Vulnerability?A group of enterprising lawyers thinks it might be, whether all roads lead to Russia or not.
  48. conflicts of interest
    Trump Can Accept Payments From Foreign Governments, Justice Department ArguesThe Trump administration is trying to quash a lawsuit that accuses the president of violating the U.S. Constitution.
  49. Did the Trump Organization Make Money From Eric Trump’s Cancer Charity?A report in Forbes suggests Eric Trump paid foundation money to the Trump Organization for expenses he told donors were nonexistent.
  50. Donald Trump Jr. Discusses ‘New Ideas’ With Dubai Business PartnerThe Trump Organization promised not to make any new foreign deals while Donald Trump was president. Its friends in the UAE don’t seem to buy that.
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