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Trump Tax Cuts

  1. the national interest
    No, the Richest One Percent Don’t Pay 40 Percent of the Taxes.A misleading conservative talking point that refuses to die.
  2. budget reconciliation
    What Is Budget Reconciliation and Why Does It Matter for Biden’s Agenda?For 40 years, reconciliation has provided a way to bypass the Senate filibuster. It may be crucial for passing Biden’s stimulus plan.
  3. politics
    Why Big Mo Matters to BidenPast presidents — including Barack Obama — who got off to a slow or clumsy start often paid dearly for it. Biden wants to avoid that fate.
  4. 117th congress
    Who Will Hold Power in the Next Congress?Depending on what happens in Georgia’s Senate runoffs, Democrats will have either a narrow path for governing or a tough row to hoe.
  5. vision 2020
    The Big Liar Ends the RNC With Big Lies About Himself and BidenTrump ended the convention as it began — with efforts to salvage his record, make out Biden as a radical, frighten suburbanites, and ignore COVID-19.
  6. the economy
    Trump Tax Cuts Gave $18 Billion Bonus to Big Banks in 2019Last year, our “populist” president’s signature legislative achievement made Wall Street’s titans immensely richer.
  7. vision 2020
    Trump Assures Public He Isn’t Mulling Middle-Class Tax Cut to Stop RecessionTrump’s team denies that it’s mulling a payroll tax cut to preempt a recession, insisting that it’s only considering new tax breaks for the rich.
  8. the economy
    The Trump Tax Cuts Worked (As a Scam)New GDP data confirms the tax cuts did not stimulate investment as promised. But Trump has successfully masked that failure with deficit spending.
  9. the national interest
    Why ‘National Conservative’ Josh Hawley Wants to Enrich Foreign BanksA good test of the sincerity of the newest strain of self-proclaimed right-wing populists.
  10. 2020 senate elections
    Susan Collins’s Approval Rating Dives As Reelection Contest ApproachesThe senator is losing popularity and is lashed to a president who is even more unpopular than she is in Maine.
  11. the national interest
    Kook Art Laffer Wins Medal From Trump for Inventing Fake CurveA fitting reward for decades of voodoo-economic wrongness.
  12. the national interest
    Study Finds Trump Tax Cuts Failed to Do Anything But Give Rich People MoneyA congressional paper looks closely and finds no increased growth or investment, just a windfall for business owners.
  13. trump tax cuts
    Trump Accidentally Raised Taxes on the Children of Dead VeteransAn ill-considered provision in Trump’s signature law hiked taxes on survivor benefits and low-income students’ college scholarships.
  14. trump tax returns
    Trump: The Real Scandal in My Taxes Are the Loopholes (That I Refused to Close)Trump says the enormous losses on his tax returns merely reflect the outrageous loopholes that his tax bill expanded.
  15. trump tax cuts
    Tax Refunds Are Down by $6 Billion. That’s a Threat to Trump — and the Economy.Millions of Americans were expecting big rebates that never came. That could put a dent in the economy, and Trump’s reelection hopes.
  16. the national interest
    Trump Promised 3 Percent Growth. His Economists Quietly Admit It Won’t Happen.Page 527 of the new Economic Report of the President contains a pretty big concession.
  17. own goals
    The Trump Tax Cuts Are (Probably) About to Become a Political DisasterThe GOP pressured the IRS to underestimate withholding. Now, tax refunds are falling — and some Republican voters are livid.
  18. the national interest
    New Proof the Trump Tax Cuts Are Doing the Exact Opposite of What They PromisedOverseas cash is not coming in, and cost of compliance is going up. Everything Paul Ryan said is happening in reverse.
  19. the national interest
    Mulvaney: Trump Not Mentioning Debt Because ‘Nobody Cares’Mulvaney used to care a whole lot.
  20. the national interest
    Trump’s One Legislative ‘Win’ Is Actually a FailureThe Trump tax cuts are the payoff for two years of embarrassment. They haven’t worked either.
  21. the national interest
    Paul Ryan’s War on the Safety Net Failed Because Democracy WorkedPolitics defeated Ryan, and the country is immensely better off for it.
  22. donald trump
    Trump Thinks Mueller Is Holding Him Back From a 75 Percent Approval RatingWhat other objective indicators of his unpopularity will he choose to ignore? The 2020 elections?
  23. the national interest
    Trumponomics Tries to Praise Trump, But Instead Exposes His CorruptionLawrence Kudlow, Stephen Moore, and Arthur Laffer lack the self-awareness to realize how bad their book makes Trump look.
  24. the national interest
    The Deficit Grew Because Trump’s a Republican, Not Because He’s an IdiotDon’t get us wrong, he’s definitely an idiot.
  25. the national interest
    The Trump Tax Cuts Did One Thing: Give Rich People More MoneyThe economy hasn’t changed much. What’s changed is that business owners have a bigger piece of it.
  26. trump tax cuts
    The Trump Tax Cuts Keep Getting Worse for the Deficit — and Better for the RichRich people are manipulating retirement plans to milk the Trump tax cuts for all they’re worth (and then a little extra).
  27. the national interest
    Trump Wants to Give the Wealthy Another Tax Cut, With No Vote in CongressCongress can’t pass another tax cut for the rich, but Trump doesn’t care.
  28. Corporations Invested Their Tax Cuts Into Stock Buybacks That Didn’t Even WorkInstead of making capital investments or increasing wages, corporate America is plowing record sums into buying their own shares at a high.
  29. the national interest
    Trump’s Always-Wrong Economist Lawrence Kudlow Wrongly Says Deficit Is FallingLawrence Kudlow says “classic supply-side economics” is bringing down the deficit, while it is, in fact, going up.
  30. The GOP Raised Taxes on Churches to Fund Its Giveaway to the RichReligious institutions just discovered that Trump’s tax “cuts” actually imposed a complicated new tax on them.
  31. A Couple Republican Elites Just Admitted Their Agenda Is Built on LiesTom Price just said repealing the individual mandate raises premiums — while Marco Rubio confessed that corporate tax breaks aren’t helping workers.
  32. the national interest
    Firing the House Chaplain for Dissing Tax Cuts Is FineStop freaking out about this. Paul Ryan’s views are terrible, but his actions are totally defensible.
  33. Looks Like Trump Genuinely Enacted (a Tiny Bit of) Tax ‘Reform’The GOP tax bill will slash the number of filers who use the regressive mortgage-interest deduction by more than half, according to the JCT.
  34. the national interest
    Trump Economist Kevin Hassett: Tax Cuts Are Trickling Down to YouDon’t worry your pretty little head about diminished competition or lack of wage growth. Trump’s economists certainly aren’t.
  35. The 4 Biggest Banks Have Already Made $2.3 Billion Off Trump’s Tax CutsThe president promised that his tax law would not favor the “wealthy and well-connected.”
  36. The Trump Tax Cuts Are Still Unpopular. That’s a Crisis for Conservatives.If the GOP can’t get Americans to enjoy the candy of its fiscal agenda, how will they ever get them to eat the vegetables?
  37. the national interest
    New Budget Estimate Shows Trump Tax Cuts Created a Fiscal DisasterThe modern Republican theory that government should explode the deficit under Republican presidents only.
  38. The American Economy Isn’t ‘Great Again’ — But It’s Still SolidTrump’s policies haven’t supercharged the good economy he inherited — but they haven’t slowed it down (yet).
  39. the national circus
    Why President Trump Says His Budget Is TerribleRepublican presidents always do this, because they can’t admit their tax cuts didn’t work.
  40. the national interest
    Trump: I’ve Got a Fever, and the Only Prescription Is More Tax CutProblem: The tax cuts didn’t help Republicans win the special election. Solution: Cut taxes again.
  41. the national interest
    Trump’s New Economic Adviser Lawrence Kudlow Has Been Wrong About EverythingThe GOP remains firmly committed to kookonomics.
  42. Polls: After GOP Tax Bill Went Into Effect, It Became Less PopularTwo new surveys suggest that the Trump tax cuts won’t be the electoral boon that Republicans hoped they’d be.
  43. Warren Buffett’s Company Made $29 Billion Off the Trump Tax CutsPaul Ryan recently boasted that the GOP’s tax cuts had given one lucky secretary in Pennsylvania an extra “$1.50 a week.”
  44. The IMF Warns Trump’s Tax Cuts Could Trigger a Global ‘Race to the Bottom’Globalism is the new populism.
  45. The Trump Tax Cuts Will Not Save Republicans This FallA new poll finds only 2 percent of Americans believe Trump’s tax law got them a raise, while 58 percent say the plan primarily benefits the rich.
  46. Cuomo Vows to Sue Feds Over Trump Tax Bill’s Discrimination Against New YorkersIt’s a long shot, but if Republicans deliberately targeted blue states, that could be adjudged as unconstitutional.
  47. The GOP Tax Bill Has Affluent Homeowners Enraged and ConfusedMany suburbanites rushed to prepay their 2018 property taxes — only to learn that this wouldn’t actually spare them from the harms of the tax bill.
  48. Corporate PR Stunts Won’t Save the Working ClassShared prosperity doesn’t come from the strategic generosity of bosses high on tax cuts, but from the power of organized labor.
  49. the national interest
    The Kochs Can’t Make America Stop Hating Trump’s Tax CutRepublicans think their poor trillion-dollar corporate tax cut is just misunderstood.
  50. Here Are the Most Sycophantic Compliments Republicans Gave Trump Today“Thank you, President Trump, for allowing us to have you as our president.”
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