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Trump Tax Returns

  1. early and often
    Now You Can Read Trump’s Tax ReturnsHere are some of the new revelations in the thousands of pages of documents released Friday by the House Ways and Means Committee.
  2. trump organization
    Trump Fraud Inquiries Now Include Tax Write-offs Involving Ivanka: ReportNew York authorities subpoenaed the president’s business for records concerning his eldest daughter.
  3. trump tax returns
    Trump’s Returns Make Case for Funding the Tax PoliceThe president’s taxes are full of evasion schemes that our underfunded IRS has failed to punish.
  4. trump tax returns
    The Key Takeaways From the Times’ Trump Tax-Return InvestigationThe president paid just $750 in federal income taxes in 2016 and 2017, and made millions off of gaudy endorsements in the wake of The Apprentice.
  5. what-ifs
    Times’ Trump Tax Scoop Doesn’t Prove Criminality. But Does It Point the Way?“What you have,” says a former IRS criminal investigator, “is a pattern of constantly pushing the envelope, exploiting every tax advantage.”
  6. the top line
    Donald Trump Isn’t Broke. He’s a Very Rich Guy Who Doesn’t Pay Enough Taxes.Some people are reading Trump’s taxes — or the New York Times’ account of what was in his taxes over the last 20 years — much too literally.
  7. trump tax returns
    Manhattan District Attorney Says Trump Could Be Investigated for Tax FraudIn a filing on Monday, Cyrus Vance announced for the first time that his office had grounds to investigate Trump and his businesses for tax fraud.
  8. the national interest
    GOP Senators Dumped Stock Before Coronavirus Hit, Without Warning the CountryWhen senators tell their stockbrokers what they’re not willing to tell the public.
  9. the national interest
    Trump Says Sotomayor, Ginsburg Have No Right to Judge His CasesSpurious demands for recusal before the court decides if he can hide his financial information forever.
  10. supreme court
    SCOTUS to Take Up Trump Tax and Financial Records CasesThe Court will hear three cases involving Congress and a state prosecutor, and its ruling may redefine the scope of presidential accountability.
  11. trump tax returns
    We’re One Step Closer to Seeing Trump’s Tax ReturnsAn appeals court ruled that he must turn over eight years of tax records to New York investigators. The Supreme Court will likely get the final say.
  12. the law
    Trump Had a Bad Day in the CourtsIn three cases, one involving a congressional subpoena of his financial records and two involving immigration, the administration had legal setbacks.
  13. trump tax returns
    Trump Ordered to Hand Over 8 Years of Tax Returns to Manhattan DAA federal judge Monday dismissed Trump’s argument that he’s immune from criminal investigation.
  14. the national interest
    Trump’s Bizarre Argument for Defending Saudi ArabiaU.S. weapons sales to Saudi Arabia have become the rationale for defending Saudi Arabia.
  15. trump tax returns
    Manhattan DA Subpoenas 8 Years of Trump Tax ReturnsTrump may not be able to sue this subpoena into submission, as it’s part of a criminal investigation into the payoff of Stormy Daniels.
  16. trump tax returns
    Report: U.K. Tax Filings Show Trump Inflated Value of Scottish ResortsAccording to numbers from balance sheets filed in the U.K., the president’s resorts in Scotland aren’t doing as hot as he says they are.
  17. vision 2020
    California Aims to Make Trump Release Taxes by Requiring It for Primary BallotIt’s the latest in the Democratic effort to force Trump to release his tax returns. But he can get around it by running a write-in campaign.
  18. the national interest
    Trump’s Lawsuit to Keep His Tax Returns Secret Is Unbelievably SillyA legal brief that should have been written in crayon.
  19. trump tax returns
    IRS Memo From 2018 Says Agency Must Release Trump Tax Returns: ReportThe 10-page memo states that the disclosure of tax returns to the Ways and Means Committee is “mandatory” unless Trump declares executive privilege.
  20. trump tax returns
    Mnuchin Refuses to Comply With Trump Tax Return Subpoena From CongressThe Treasury secretary shows his contempt for Congress, but he apparently won’t be held in contempt of Congress.
  21. politics
    House Democrats Subpoena Trump’s Tax ReturnsIt’s another step toward a conflict in the courts between Congress and Trump — and perhaps impeachment.
  22. trump tax returns
    New York Moves Toward Giving Congress Trump’s State Tax ReturnsNew York’s Senate passed a bill that would allow congressional committees to access Trump’s home-state tax records.
  23. trump tax returns
    Trump: The Real Scandal in My Taxes Are the Loopholes (That I Refused to Close)Trump says the enormous losses on his tax returns merely reflect the outrageous loopholes that his tax bill expanded.
  24. the national interest
    Keeping Trump’s Tax Returns Secret Is an Insanely Huge Security RiskThere’s no public interest in discovering who pays the mobbed-up, money-hemorrhaging failed casino operator who’s reliant on Russian financing?
  25. the art of the deal
    Report: Trump Suffered $1.17 Billion in Business Losses Between 1985 and 1994Tax records obtained by the New York Times prove just how bad a businessman Trump was in his halcyon days.
  26. politics
    So What If Bernie Sanders Is a Millionaire?The senator has become wealthy, and still embraces progressive principles. That doesn’t make him a hypocrite.
  27. decorum
    Steve Mnunchin and Maxine Waters Butt Heads AgainIn an appearance regarding Trump’s tax returns, the Treasury secretary threw all his passive aggression at the California congresswoman.
  28. the national interest
    Republicans Are Trashing the Law to Keep Trump’s Taxes SecretCongress has a clear legal right to examine Trump’s taxes. Republicans could not care less what the law says.
  29. the national interest
    Republicans Trying, Failing to Come Up With Good Reasons to Conceal Trump TaxesSurely Trump has nothing to hide and there’s no reason to check.
  30. mitch mcconnell
    In New Op-ed, McConnell Attacks Campaign Finance Reform and Voting RightsMcConnell jokes — and lies — his way through a Trump-friendly review of Democratic ethics and voting reforms.
  31. the national interest
    Newt: Forget the Law, the Supreme Court Will Keep Trump’s Tax Returns SecretNewt Gingrich thinks Brett Kavanaugh will do anything to protect Trump.
  32. the national interest
    Republicans Defend and Cover Up Trump’s Tax FraudRepublicans in Congress justify their cover-up of the president’s seemingly illegal activities.
  33. the national interest
    Hilarious Paul Ryan Forgets to Mention That He’s Concealing Trump Tax ReturnsIt’s too bad Paul Ryan is a powerless comedian rather than some kind of high-ranking federal officeholder.
  34. In Letter That Raises More Questions, Trump Lawyers Say He Has No Russian IncomeThough there are a “few exceptions.”
  35. Trump Says He Might Release Tax Returns ‘After I’m Out of Office’Believe this as much as you believe everything else he says about his taxes.
  36. the national circus
    An Ossoff Victory Would Not Have Saved the Democratic PartyThey still face the intensely urgent matter of finding a new generation of leaders.
  37. Two House Republicans Join Dems and Demand Trump’s TaxesCongressmen Walter Jones and Mark Sanford are the latest GOP members to show an interest in the president’s returns.