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  1. regret
    Trump Admits Regret (for Some of His Tweets)The president explains in a new interview that “you find out a lot of things” after sending problematic tweets and retweets.
  2. trump tweets
    Trump Likes Tweet Praising ‘Stripper’ Vibes in New Summer Walker SongThe president baffles with another late-night Twitter “like.”
  3. trump tweets
    Trump Attacks Bubba Wallace, Defends Confederate FlagThe president is being racist again.
  4. vision 2020
    Trump Is Betting His Reelection on Single-Issue Statue VotersThe president ostensibly believes that — amid a pandemic and recession — swing voters’ top concerns are monuments and cancel culture.
  5. trump tweets
    Trump Retweets Video of White Couple Pointing Guns at ProtestersJust a day after he boosted a clip of a supporter shouting “white power.”
  6. trump tweets
    Trump Reiterates Threat to Commit War Crimes in IranTrump doubled down on his threat to order strikes on cultural sites in Iran if they retaliated against the U.S. for the killing of General Soleimani.
  7. trump tweets
    Trump Bullies Greta Thunberg After She’s Named Time’s Person of the YearTrump tweeted that the 16-year-old climate activist “must work on her Anger Management problem.”
  8. trump tweets
    The White House Scheduled Trump Tweets to Keep His Afghanistan Trip SecretIf Trump doesn’t tweet for 12 hours, people start asking questions.
  9. trump tweets
    Trump Calls Impeachment Inquiry a ‘Lynching’ and Gets the Reaction He WantedThe ridiculous comparison drew immediate criticism.
  10. trump tweets
    Trump Quotes Ally Who Predicts a ‘Civil War-Like Fracture’ If He Is ImpeachedThe remark – just one of Trump’s 46 tweets and retweets on Sunday – drew a rare rebuke from a House Republican.
  11. trump tweets
    Jared Kushner Owns Many of Baltimore’s ‘Rat-Infested’ Apartments“That’s kind of weird that you want to talk trash,” said one Baltimore resident. “If you want to make improvements, you can make improvements.”
  12. trump tweets
    Trump’s Method of ‘Liking’ Tweets Is Needlessly ComplicatedHe has a staffer print it, then he signs it, then he sends the paper copy of the tweet to the person who sent it. If only there were a better way.
  13. trump tweets
    Trump Picks a Fight With Al Sharpton, Calls Him a ‘Con Man’ Who ‘Hates Whites’After roughly 48 hours without lashing out at a black public figure, Trump goes after an old friend.
  14. satire
    Contrary to Claims, X-Ray Reveals Trump Has Very Racist Right TibiaThe president claimed that he did not “have a racist bone” in his body. But leaked medical records suggest otherwise.
  15. conservatism
    Trump’s Racist Tweets Expose the True Color of Conservative NationalismTrump and his intellectual allies keep equating opposition to white supremacy with hatred for America.
  16. trump tweets
    How Trump’s Racism Divides DemocratsTrump’s white-nationalist rhetoric unites his opposition. But his white-nationalist policies divide Pelosi’s caucus.
  17. census
    Trump Just Confirmed His Administration Is Lying in Census CaseThe White House says it needs to ask Census respondents about their citizenship to enforce the Voting Rights Act. Trump just told a different story.
  18. trump tweets
    16 Things Trump Attacked Over a Wild Weekend on Twitter, and One He Didn’tIf only he had a family he could spend his weekends with.
  19. trump tweets
    Note to Trump: The Mueller Probe Costs Roughly $0.00 — Not $40 MillionTrump accuses Mueller of “wasting more than $40,000,000 (is that possible?).” (No, Mr. President, it is not.)
  20. trump tweets
    This Thanksgiving, Donald Trump Is Thankful for Saudi ArabiaTrump thanks a government that is starving Yemen, and recently murdered a U.S. resident, for a drop in oil prices it had little to do with.
  21. trump tweets
    Trump: U.S. Protects the Middle East — Also, Kills Millions of Its PeopleTwo days after saying the U.S. killed millions of Iraqis, Trump warns “the Middle East” that it “would not be safe” without America’s protection.
  22. trump tweets
    Trump Echoes Neo-Nazi Propaganda About South Africa (That He Heard on Fox News)Data show there is no “large scale” killing of white farmers in South Africa. But the alt-right, neo-Nazis – and now, the U.S. president – disagree.
  23. president trump
    Why Trump’s Turkey Tariffs Are Worrying InvestorsTrump just suggested that any country whose currency falls against the dollar is a fair target for sanctions, no matter the cause of depreciation.
  24. Trump Wants ‘More American’ Paint Job, Bigger Bed for Air Force OneAxios is reporting that Trump wants the presidential jet to look more like his personal Boeing 757, which he flew around during the campaign.
  25. Trump: Obama Was for ‘Open Borders’ — and His Policies Are the Same as MineThe president argued Monday that media coverage of his border policies has been unfair because Obama’s were just as cruel.
  26. Report: Trump’s Tweets Include Intentional Grammatical ErrorsHis staff has calculated that the base wants its populism as garbled as possible.
  27. Oil Falls After Trump Scolds OPEC For Raising PricesThis may be the first time that the president has prioritized the interests of the American public over those of the fossil fuel industry.
  28. Trump Being Trump Seems to Make Him Less PopularThe GOP has an unusually acute problem in mobilizing a party base that glories in Trumpian outrages, without frightening the rest of the country.
  29. White House Officials Are Afraid of Trump’s ‘Nuclear Button’Thus far, Trump has allowed his advisers to overrule his worst instincts. But “the adults” are losing influence — and the “Button” is in his hands.
  30. Trump: Give Me a Border Wall or I’ll Deport the DreamersIf the president means what he says, then there will be no DACA deal — and 800,000 Dreamers will become subject to deportation.
  31. Trump: The Senate Should Investigate Media Companies That I Don’t LikeThe president’s authoritarian streak is showing.
  32. President Proves He’s Stable by Trying to Humiliate Key Senate Ally Over TwitterBob Corker said that Trump needed to “move beyond himself” and demonstrate stability. Trump decided to prove him wrong by attacking him on Twitter.
  33. Trump Blasts GOP Leaders for Creating Debt-Ceiling ‘Mess’The president plays backseat Majority Leader, as relations between the White House and Capitol Hill continue to sour.
  34. Trump: James Comey’s Leaks Were ‘So Illegal!’In his morning tweetstorm, the president also suggested that the media would never be as hard on Chelsea Clinton as it is on Ivanka.
  35. Morning Joe: Trump Threatened Negative Enquirer Story If We Didn’t Beg For MercyOne day after Trump’s Twitter attack, Joe and Mika declare the president unwell — and say the White House threatened them with bad tabloid coverage.
  36. Trump Accuses Amazon of Tax Avoidance, Bankrolling ‘Fake News’The president implicitly threatens Jeff Bezos with higher taxes, for owning a newspaper that reports critically on the White House.
  37. Trump Suggests That Russia Never Hacked the DNC, ‘It’s All ‘a Big Dem HOAX’The president is either beholden to the Kremlin, or an unstable conspiracy theorist, or both.
  38. Did Trump Just Declare War on a Nuclear-Weapons State Over Twitter?“While I greatly appreciate the efforts of President Xi & China to help with North Korea, it has not worked out. At least I know China tried!”
  39. russia investigation
    Trump’s Lawyer, Contradicting Trump, Says President Is Not Under InvestigationTrump attorney Jay Sekulow had a rough morning on Sunday’s political shows.
  40. Trump Suggests ‘Bad and Conflicted’ Special Counsel Is Leading a ‘WITCH HUNT’Trump just learned Robert Mueller is investigating him for obstruction of justice. Now, his job (and the rule of law) may be in jeopardy.
  41. trump tweets
    Trump Applauded for Opting Not to Angrily Live-Tweet Comey HearingHe’s been uncharacteristically quiet, but aides worry this is just the calm before the tweetstorm.
  42. Trump Bolsters Legal Case Against His ‘Travel Ban’ in Insane TweetstormTrump says the Justice Department never should have “watered down” his original “travel ban,” which included a preference for non-Muslim refugees.
  43. Trump Says His Trip to Europe Has Already Saved ‘Millions of Jobs’Meanwhile, hundreds of Carrier workers in Indiana are learning that Trump’s trip to their plant didn’t actually save theirs.
  44. trump tweets
    Trump Attacks His Own FBI Director in Effort to Hit Back at ClintonHe claims Comey “gave her a free pass for many bad deeds!”
  45. Sean Spicer Has the Hardest Job in Washington: Defending Donald Trump’s Tweets▶️ An unenviable task.
  46. Trump: The FBI Shouldn’t Release Information About Ongoing Investigations“The NSA & FBI … should not interfere in our politics,” the president tweeted Wednesday morning.