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  1. the law
    How a Federal Judge Is Laying Down the Law on Trump’s Twitter HabitsOne way to think of it is that she is — rather sneakily — giving him a test.
  2. foreign policy
    Trump May Not Understand What North Korea Has Committed ToOr he doesn’t understand what “denuclearization” means, or how diplomacy works, or all of the above.
  3. the law
    The Newest Frontier in Jurisprudence Is Trump’s Twitter FeedInside a federal courtroom, the government made a potentially precedent-setting argument for letting a social-media jackass do his thing.
  4. trump twitter
    Can You Spot All the Errors in Trump’s ‘Consensual Presidency’ Tweet?Autocorrect has been enormously consequential for late-night tweeters.
  5. Lee Greenwood Joins Weird, Exclusive Club of Trump-Birthday-Tweet RecipientsWhere else would you find Matt Drudge, Yogi Berra, and Holly Robinson Peete?
  6. Trump Kicks Off His Vacation With Some Rage-TweetingWhere’s John Kelly when you need him?