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Trump Ukraine Scandal

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    Ron Johnson Goes Conspiracist Route Defending Trump, Attacks Intel CommunityJohnson’s claim that he doesn’t trust the FBI or CIA shows how far a Trump ally is willing to go to wrangle up presidential favor.
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    Everything We Know About Trump’s Ukraine Whistle-blower ScandalThe declassified whistle-blower complaint has been made public. It describes White House efforts to cover up what Trump said during the Ukraine call.
  3. the national interest
    The Ukraine Scandal Is a Fitting Symbol of Trump’s Entire PresidencyWill it finally be his downfall?
  4. trump impeachment
    Fox News in a State of ‘Bedlam’ As Trump Faces Impeachment: ReportHannity reportedly told friends that the whistle-blower’s report is “really bad,” while the CEO is considering how to set up the network post-Trump.
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    Listen to Trump Suggest Whistle-blower Should Be Punished Like a TraitorOn Thursday, Trump said the whistle-blower should be punished like “what we used to do in the old days” and called journalists “animals” and “scum.”
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    The Biggest Revelations in the Ukraine Whistle-Blower ReportA version of the complaint that has Democrats on the verge of impeachment was released to the public on Thursday morning.
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    What to Expect From Declassified Whistle-blower Report on Trump’s Ukraine CallThe complaint won’t be made public until at least Thursday morning, but reports state it addresses how the White House mishandled the conversation.
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    Trump’s Ukraine Problem Stems From a Rudy Giuliani ProblemA new report details how Trump’s lawyer circumvented the State department in Ukraine — and State’s concern about his influence over Trump.
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    Senate Passes Resolution to Hand Whistle-blower Complaint to Intel CommitteesThe non-binding resolution undercuts Trump’s plan to release the transcript of his call to Ukraine, instead of the full whistle-blower complaint.