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  1. Judge Approves Settlement Between Trump University and Scammed Former Students“I don’t settle cases, I win cases,” Trump once said. Fact check: False.
  2. Former Trump University Student Still Wants to Take the President to CourtA member of the class-action suit has asked the federal judge to let her reject the settlement so she could potentially pursue her own lawsuit.
  3. Florida AG Who Dropped Case Against Trump Is Expected to Get White House JobPam Bondi dropped a lawsuit against Trump University after successfully soliciting a campaign donation from the mogul.
  4. crimes and misdemeanors
    Judge Gives Go-ahead to $25 Million University Settlement“I don’t settle cases, I win cases,” said Trump in March.
  5. crimes and misdemeanors
    Trump’s Lawyers Promise He Won’t Use Foundation Money to Pay Fraud SettlementHe has a history of using his charity to cover his legal bills.
  6. today in donald trump
    Trump: The ‘Only Bad Thing’ About Becoming President Is Settling Fraud CaseHe’s upset with the consequences of the election, too.
  7. What the Trump U. Case and Trump’s Candidacy Have in CommonThe president-elect has dodged litigation with a $25 million settlement, but the saga illuminates how he sees the working class.
  8. Donald Trump Faces Hearing for Trump University CaseJudge Gonzalo Curiel will hear arguments about evidence in the trial, set to begin November 28.
  9. White House Cracks Down on For-Profit CollegesThe Department of Education plans to issue a rule that would forgive billions of dollars in loans granted to hundreds of thousands of students at for-profit schools that have defrauded or misled them.
  10. Trump to Stop Telling Truth About Mexican JudgeIn a statement, the GOP nominee says that his non-racist remarks about Judge Gonzalo Curiel’s “Mexican heritage” were “misconstrued,” but he’ll stop making them anyway.
  11. Donald Trump Can’t Be DomesticatedTrump’s decision to stand by his “Mexican heritage” remarks — against the wishes of Republican leaders and his own aides — shows that the GOP nominee cannot be contained.
  12. today in donald trump
    Donald Trump Is Afraid of Muslim Judges, TooAre women judges next?
  13. Trump U Taught Students to Inflate Their IncomeOne seminar script advised students to inflate their incomes by $75,000 in order to secure more credit to invest in foreclosed properties.
  14. Trump Courts Martinez by Dissing All HispanicsTrump asked for the Latina governor’s endorsement the same night he argued that any federal judge with “Mexican heritage” couldn’t possibly treat him fairly.
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    Trump: Judge’s Ethnicity Creates ‘Conflict of Interest’ in Trump University CaseIn ever more explicit terms, the candidate insists Judge Gonzalo Curiel’s “Mexican heritage” disqualifies him from hearing the case.
  16. Donald Trump Keeps Promising to Abuse Public Power for Personal GainThis week, the GOP nominee suggested that he’ll use his presidential powers to “look into” the judge overseeing the Trump University case and to force the PGA tour to play at his Miami golf course.
  17. Clinton Lays Into Trump Over Sham University“He is trying to scam America the way he scammed all those people at Trump U,” Clinton told supporters at a rally in Newark.
  18. the national interest
    Trump University Was a Scam Just Like the Trump Campaign“I’m going to make you rich.”
  19. Trump University Told Recruiters to Target Single Parents With Hungry KidsThe school’s playbooks show recruiters encouraged prospective students to pay for the program by going into credit-card debt — including single parents “who may need money for food.”
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    Judge Orders Trump University Documents ReleasedTrump accused the judge of bias during a campaign rally.
  21. New York Court Says Trump University Lawsuit Will ContinueTrump has said that, on principle, he won’t settle.
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    ‘I Thought That Trump University Was a Real Institution’Trump’s for-profit schools are probed.