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    The Craziest Details From Cassidy Hutchinson’s Book on the Trump White HouseThe former Trump White House aide says Rudy Giuliani groped her, Mark Meadows burned papers, and he admitted that a 2020 rally killed Herman Cain.
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    Trump, Angered by Growing Legal Troubles, Finds Ways to Make Them Even WorseWith allies worried that he’s ill-equipped to handle new subpoenas, or even impeachment, Trump pushed out McGahn and resumed efforts to fire Sessions.
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    Trump Revoking Security Clearances Shows He Feels Powerless Against MuellerTrump wouldn’t be attacking Brennan and threatening others if he was confident that he could make a bold move against Mueller and get away with it.
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    A Guide to Omarosa’s Trump N-word Tape AllegationsOmarosa claims she’s heard the damning tape, and expects it to be released soon. But Trump aides say she told them a wildly different story.
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    White House Looks at Legal Options for Silencing Omarosa, Probably Won’t SucceedExperts say it’s unlikely she broke the law by taping her firing, and pressing the point raises new concerns about security in Trump’s White House.
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    Omarosa Really Does Have Secret Recordings From the Trump White HouseThe Washington Post has confirmed that the former White House aide has the tapes — but it’s unclear whether she’s “got the goods.”
  7. White House: U.S. Can’t Afford Veterans’ Health Care Without CutsAfter adding $1.5 trillion to the deficit for tax cuts, Trump opposes adding to the debt to increase health-care funding for veterans.
  8. Trump White House Drama Changes Drastically, Is Still Just Like Game of ThronesThe dynamics in the Trump administration are completely different from what they were two months ago, but the prestige-drama references are not.
  9. An Anti-Leak Squad Patrols the White House in Search of Staffers’ Secret PhonesTo combat leaks, Trump has banned personal phones from the White House — and formed a special security unit to enforce the prohibition.
  10. White House Leaker Covers Tracks by Impersonating Co-workersAnother staffer reportedly looked into spying on his colleagues’ phone and email data in an effort to figure out who was talking with reporters.
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    What Hope Hicks Learned in WashingtonThe departure of the Trump whisperer has left the White House in even deeper chaos. Which surely pleases some outsiders angling to get back in.
  12. White House Official Called Trump a ‘Deplorable’Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah also seemingly plotted against Trump during the primaries while working at the RNC.
  13. The Trump White House Set Record for First-Year Staff DeparturesThe administration’s 34 percent first-year turnover rate is the highest in four decades — and double the previous record set under Ronald Reagan.
  14. We Know a Lot About What Robert Mueller Is Doing. We Also Know Nothing at All.Looking for clues in the actions of D.C.’s second-most-powerful man.
  15. How Anthony Scaramucci — I Mean Steve Bannon — Got Fired▶️ We definitely didn’t recycle a video about Anthony Scaramucci.
  16. White House: The Real Story of Don Jr.’s Emails Is That Democrats Are BadThe administration is already brainstorming how they can spin this into a “conversation” about Clinton’s mishandling of “sensitive intelligence.”
  17. Sean Spicer Wants You to Know That the Tweet Speaks for ItselfHow many times does he have to say it?
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    National Security Adviser K. T. McFarland Ousted As NSC Shake-up ContinuesTrump will nominate her to become the U.S. ambassador to Singapore.
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    Reports: Fragile Peace Accord Reached in Bannon-Kushner WarAll quiet on the West Wing front?
  20. Trump’s Syria Strike Is Latest Sign of Steve Bannon’s Waning InfluenceTwo sources close to Bannon say he argued against the strike, on the grounds it didn’t serve America’s interests.
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    Reports: Newest White House Feud Is Goldman Executives vs. the PopulistsGary Cohn is apparently playing the game of background thrones.
  22. Sean Spicer Was Almost Certainly Not Born in KenyaThere has been a lot of drama lately in the White House press office — including over the question of the secretary’s birthplace.
  23. Radicalizing American Politics Is Part of the Game Plan for Team TrumpSteve Bannon and company seem to see growing fear and anger on the left as a useful thing.
  24. The 20 Percent Tariff on Mexico That Wasn’tSean Spicer explained the House GOP’s border-adjustment tax poorly. The media assumed the worst. “Fake news” ensued.