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  1. Donald Trump: Candidate of Peace?Trump’s newly revealed foreign-policy “doctrine” shows a marked skepticism of military intervention.
  2. Donald Trump Feels Bad for Hillary Clinton“She’s having a tough time.” 
  3. Donald Trump’s Campaign Proves That He Is Bad at BusinessTrump’s brand is no longer classy, according to the classy consumers his really classy enterprises depend on.
  4. the national circus
    White Rage and Obama’s TearsThe gun-obsessed right tried to blur the truth about the president’s emotion and his modest executive action. It didn’t work.
  5. In Latest Gaffe, Trump Suggests Obama May Be a Human Capable of Genuine EmotionsDonald Trump may have finally gone too far.
  6. Melania Trump Thinks America Is in ‘Big Trouble.’ Huge. The Biggest.Only Donald can save us.
  7. ‘Jeb!’ Has Been AbandonedBush has given up on turning “Jeb!” into a patented trademark.
  8. Donald Trump Would Not Raise Taxes on HimselfIs the Donald actually an economic populist?
  9. great bromances
    Putin Really Cannot Wait for Trump PresidencyOn Morning Joe
  10. today in donald trump
    Donald Trump Felt ‘Love’ From Black Pastors Who Declined to Publicly Endorse HimStill, he got no mass endorsement.
  11. fair is fair
    GOP Candidates Get Free Airtime on NBCThe spots will be aired on 18 NBC affiliates in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.
  12. GOP Candidates React to Paris AttacksAccording to the GOP field, America needs more guns and fewer refugees.
  13. Ben Carson Is Praying for Donald TrumpAfter Trump likened him to a child molester, Dr. Carson turns the other cheek.
  14. Donald Trump Can’t Stop Thinking About Ben Carson’s Pyramid Theory“You can’t put grain in the pyramid because they’re solid structures.”
  15. politics
    Rivals’ TV Ads Are Knocking Trump Down in PollsWill the former front-runner fire back with a political-ad blitz of his own? 
  16. Trump: If I Had Been President, 9/11 Probably Wouldn’t Have HappenedHe’s so tough on immigration, those hijackers would never have made it into the country.
  17. early and often
    Is the Trump Campaign Just an Elaborate Scheme for Selling Trucker Hats?The Trump campaign has spent more on hats or T-shirts than on anything else besides airfare.
  18. the circus
    Frank Rich on the National Circus: Mitt’s Bleach-Bottle BimboDonald Trump isn’t a politician: He’s a pure self-promotion machine that’s sucked up Mitt Romney.
  19. trump
    Blitzer Finds Trump’s Birther Argument ‘A Little Ridiculous’The Wolf meets The Donald.
  20. the donald
    Donald Trump Has Impressively Neat HandwritingAssessing The Donald’s penmanship.
  21. trump
    Donald Trump Has His Own Way of Measuring His SuccessWould Kate Gosselin kiss his ass if he wasn’t the man? Trump thinks not.
  22. babes of new york
    10 Under 10: The Power Children of New YorkIn New York, there’s always someone younger, richer, and cooler than you. Here’s a list of kids who are all three.
  23. trump
    Donald Trump Was Too Smart to Invest With MadoffSays Donald Trump.