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  1. The World’s Front Pages Mourn Trump’s Paris DecisionAnd appear to at least find some humor in his tiny hands.
  2. How the World Is Reacting to Trump’s Paris DecisionThe great negotiator can’t get anyone to negotiate with him.
  3. North Korea Conducts Missile Test, Threatens to Send U.S. a ‘Package of Gifts’Pyongyang released images of the launch and claims this missile is equipped with new precision technology.
  4. Former CIA Chief: Trump-Russia Contacts ‘Required Further Investigation’ by FBIJohn Brennan had information “that revealed interactions between Russian officials and U.S. persons involved in the Trump campaign.”
  5. Trump’s Speech to Muslim Leaders: Drive Extremists ‘Out of This Earth’In Saudi Arabia, Trump describes a battle of good versus evil, and calls on his audience to take the lead in stamping out terrorism.
  6. Trump Is Too Trusting for Washington, Say Former Aides“He doesn’t realize the implications of what he was doing or what he was saying or how it could be interpreted.”
  7. foreign trip
    What to Expect From President Trump’s First Overseas TripThe president doesn’t seem very enthusiastic about the whirlwind nine-day trip, which is already plagued by controversies.
  8. House GOP Leadership Discussed Whether ‘Putin Pays’ Trump in 2016Last year, the House Majority Leader told his colleagues that he thought Putin paid Trump. Everyone laughed.
  9. Markets Start to Wonder If the President Might Be an Incompetent LunaticWall Street was sure Trump would be a disaster, until he won. Now, its blind euphoria at the prospect of tax cuts is starting to fade.
  10. Trump Welcomes Turkish President Erdogan, Repeatedly Mispronounces His NameErdogan congratulated Trump on his “legendary” election triumph.
  11. A Brief Conversation With John Dean, Former White House Counsel to NixonTrump would “have trouble surreptitiously recording somebody, you know, starting the machine … Nixon would’ve had the same problem.”
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    State Department Adds and Quickly Deletes ‘Winter White House’ PageIn a puzzling move, the Trump administration promoted Mar-a-Lago as though it were an important historic landmark.
  13. outer space
    Astronaut’s Reward for Record Time in Space Is Talking to Trump About Urine“Better you than me,” said the president upon learning where drinking water comes from on the Space Station.
  14. Report: Paul Manafort’s NYC Real-Estate Deals Are a Little SketchyWNYC investigates the former Trump aide’s use of shell companies to purchase properties.
  15. Senate Intelligence Committee Says ‘No Indications’ of Trump Tower WiretapBacks up the conclusion the House Intelligence Committee made Wednesday.
  16. Italian Town Wants to Erect Statue of Trump in Its ‘Park of Honor and Dishonor’Donors have already raised $100,000.
  17. from russia with love
    Russia Is Mad at Fox NewsThe Kremlin didn’t like how Bill O’Reilly called Vladimir Putin a “killer” in an interview with Donald Trump.
  18. Trump Revives the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines by Executive OrderBut it’s not clear that the White House’s support will be enough to get those oil pipelines built as planned.
  19. Trump Fired the Announcer of Every Inaugural Parade Since EisenhowerNo one knows whether he’s a Republican or a Democrat.
  20. international intrigue
    Putin Defends Trump, Extols Russia’s Sex Workers As ‘Best in the World’“I find it hard to believe that he rushed to some hotel to meet girls of loose morals, although ours are undoubtedly the best in the world.”
  21. China Would Like Trump to Stop Conducting Diplomacy Over TwitterChinese state media decried Trump’s “obsession with Twitter foreign policy” Tuesday, reminding him that geopolitics aren’t “child’s play.”
  22. Evangelicals Looking to Trump to Make America Manly AgainMaybe those of us who wondered why Christians would be attracted to Donald Trump were thinking of a different Jesus.
  23. early and often
    Social Conservative Fillon Wins French Republicans’ Presidential NominationAnd Europe moves more rightward.
  24. trump
    Scenes From the Anti-Trump Protests Across the CountryThousands have taken to the streets from coast to coast to protest the new president-elect.
  25. select all
    Poop Emoji Featured Prominently on Trump’s Site“Dump Trump” has a new meaning.
  26. early and often
    Trump Campaign Manager Promises to Speak to Him About Press SafetyAfter Wolf Blitzer pointed out that Trump “sort of eggs the crowd on to go after” journalists.
  27. select all
    Anti-Trump Ads Put Election in Terms the Alt-Right Can Understand: Video GamesTrump mains Hanzo and blames the other team for using a lag switch.
  28. crimes and misdemeanors
    The Ex-con Who Ran Trump Tower Has Been Accused of Taking KickbacksSomebody teach Trump how to perform a background check.
  29. early and often
    Trump Tells Netanyahu He Will Recognize Jerusalem As Israel’s CapitalThe candidate met with the prime minister at Trump Tower on Sunday.
  30. early and often
    Reince Priebus Caps Off Controversial Weekend by Feuding With John KasichThe Ohio governor did not appreciate the GOP chairman’s stand against Republicans who won’t back Trump.
  31. early and often
    Trump Spoke at a Black Church in Flint, Michigan, and It Didn’t Go WellThe pastor interrupted when he started attacking Clinton.
  32. early and often
    69-Year-Old Woman Claims She Was Punched by 73-Year-Old Man at Trump Rally in NCThe vision-impaired man denies it.
  33. early and awkward
    Latinos for Trump Founder Warns of ‘Taco Trucks on Every Corner’ Under ClintonAmerica, brace yourself for a tasty dystopia.
  34. early and often
    Trump Hires Clinton Nemesis David BossieBossie will be Trump’s new deputy campaign manager.
  35. early and often
    Trump His Old Self Again for Major Speech on ImmigrationLatino Trump surrogates are already threatening to pull their support.
  36. early and often
    Mexico’s President is Already Disputing Trump’s Version of Their MeetingWas the wall “discussed” or not?
  37. early and often
    Trump Will Travel to Mexico, Meet With President Peña NietoThe Mexican president has referred to Trump as Hitler and Mussolini.
  38. Donald Trump’s Donation Website Was Easily HackableBe careful when loading external code.
  39. New Questions About Melania Trump’s Immigration StoryPolitico details some glaring inconsistencies.
  40. There’s a Terrific, Super-Classy Home for Sale in QueensYes, that’s right. The birthplace of Donald Trump can now be yours.
  41. Look at the Injuries Tolerant Liberals Gave This Meme Just for Supporting TrumpHarrowing stuff.
  42. Trump Is Considering a Pre-Convention Visit to IsraelJared Kushner and Sheldon Adelson would help organize the trip.
  43. trump stakes
    Trump Campaign’s New Seating Plan Reflects Rift Paul Manafort gets a cushy floor in Trump Tower, while Corey Lewandowski gets raw space.
  44. How Donald Trump Got Tapped to Lead New York’s Israel Day ParadeHe now touts the 2004 event as one of his major foreign-policy credentials. His co-grand marshal was Dr. Ruth.
  45. Trump Protesters Clash With Cops in CaliforniaDemonstrators reportedly delayed the GOP front-runner.
  46. trump
    Video: A Heated Donald Trump Protest in MidtownTrump and the two other GOP candidates are attending a big gala in the area Thursday night.
  47. early and often
    Trump Campaign Manager Might Sue BuzzFeed“I told McKay Coppins that his story was inaccurate. I told him not to publish.”
  48. Trump Campaign Manager Bruises Breitbart WriterAfter Corey Lewandowski bruised a Breitbart reporter, the pro-Trump site may have helped him escape a difficult interview.
  49. religion
    From Zika to Trump: The Savvy Politics of Pope FrancisHe’s a PR master, walking a fine line between established Church doctrine and the wishful thinking of his fans.
  50. Did CBS Create a Special Graphic to Help Sell Marco Rubio at Saturday’s Debate?Trump supporters believe a graphic highlighting Rubio’s immigration positions proves CBS’s bias.
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