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  1. Bonkers Debates, Boring Jobs NumbersVoters will end up caring a lot more about one than the other.
  2. trumped!
    Donald Trump and Rahm Emanuel Fighting Over a Matter of TasteA downtown Chicago skyscraper currently sports a Trump stamp. 
  3. trumped!
    Trump Responds Trumply to Unflattering ProfileBy firing an aide who tried to resign.
  4. trumped!
    Donald Trump Thinks He’s ‘Cute’ and ‘Smart’ on TwitterThe billionaire did not get much slack from David Letterman.
  5. trumped!
    Stephen Colbert Won’t Be Having an Indecent Encounter With Donald TrumpThe Donald missed the deadline.
  6. trumped!
    Donald Trump Plans to Live-Tweet the DebateCites “very popular demand.”
  7. trumped!
    Donald Trump Cut From Wall Street 2Director deems hair-related appearance “too distracting.”
  8. real-life dementors
    Melania Trump Is Completely Devoid of Personality, Paper ReportsNow we know.
  9. a very trump christmas
    Donald Trump Calls His Kids on ChristmasTo talk business.
  10. trumped!
    Donald Trump May Buy Stuy TownHe’d want to name it “Trump Town.”
  11. trumped!
    Eric Trump Was ‘Blown Away’ By His Insane Birthday CakeNot literally, as the gun was made of frosting.
  12. trumped!
    Donald Trump Peddling a Tin Can Full of MemoriesThe Donald has put his Boeing 727 on the block.