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  1. tremendous content
    Trump Posted 19 Videos at Once on Truth Social in a Cry for HelpIs it a sign of desperation or laziness?
  2. early and often
    Trump’s Truth Social Is an Unmitigated FailureThe app has lost over $70 million since it launched last year, and the company’s own accountants say there is “substantial doubt” over its survival.
  3. scams
    Trump SPAC Investors Charged With Insider TradingWho could imagine that an opaque process to take a Trump-adjacent company public would involved some alleged impropriety?
  4. tremendous content
    Trump and Truth Social Should Just Break Up AlreadyHe reportedly wants out of his contract with Truth Social, but instead of making a clean break, he’s asking for an open relationship with other sites.
  5. early and often
    Trump to Facebook: I Haven’t Changed, But Take Me Back AnywayFacebook deemed Trump a “risk to public safety.” Now he says the platform should unban him because “they need us more than we need them.”
  6. tremendous content
    You’re Now Free to Annoy Trump on Truth SocialPeople who join Trump’s free-speech haven are no longer prohibited from “disparaging” Truth Social or irritating its employees.
  7. tremendous content
    Truth Social Is Donald Trump’s Self-made PrisonElon Musk would let Trump back on Twitter, but Trump reportedly feels trapped on Truth Social because its failure would be bad for his brand.
  8. early and often
    Trump’s Truth Social Really Is a (Tiny, Conservative) PhenomenonThe ex-president’s latest boast is surprisingly accurate — if you compare Truth Social to other alternative social-media sites, not Twitter.
  9. the internet
    Kanye to Buy Parler, Keep Posting Dark Twisted Social-Media RantsAfter his suspension from other sites for antisemitism, Ye said he’s buying Parler to ensure conservatives can “freely express ourselves.”
  10. tremendous content
    Even Donald Trump’s Family Barely Uses Truth SocialTrump should blame himself for the social-media site’s legal and financial woes. But if he’d rather find a scapegoat he doesn’t need to look far.
  11. early and often
    Trump Is Upset That Android Hasn’t Approved His Nonexistent AppHe’s wondered, “Is Google trying to f- - - me?” Maybe, but the more immediate issue is his own company hasn’t submitted an app for Android.
  12. politics
    Trump Says He Can’t Comply With Subpoena Because He Can’t Find His PhoneIn an attempt to end a $10,000-a-day fine, he claimed he could not provide documents from his old devices because they’re lost to time.
  13. early and often
    Donald Trump’s Sad Return to Truth SocialElon Musk’s deal to buy Twitter has forced Trump to use his own train-wreck of a social media site.
  14. social media
    Trump Vows to ‘Stay on Truth,’ the Twitter Rival He’s Yet to UseEven if new Twitter owner Elon Musk lets him back on the platform, the ex-president says he won’t come back.
  15. media
    Fox News Surprised to Learn It’s on Trump’s Truth SocialSome major brands with an official-looking Truth Social presence never set up accounts on Trump’s ironically named Twitter rival.
  16. politics
    Read Every Message Trump Has Posted on Truth SocialIt won’t take long!
  17. politics
    Trump’s Social-Network App Launches Without a Social NetworkHis Twitter clone, Truth Social, has a No. 1 iOS app, but it can’t yet handle his or anyone else’s “Truths.”
  18. the internet
    Is Trump’s Truth Social Trying to Trick Influencers Into Joining?Curiously, the former president’s name was totally absent from a recent email invitation to join his forthcoming Twitter rival.
  19. politics
    Trump’s ‘Truth Social’ Bans Telling Truth About His Twitter RivalIt’s a place where “tweets” are called “truths,” but mockery of the former president’s social-media site is not permitted.