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  1. ink-stained wretches
    Washington Post Apologized for Publishing Articles the Arizona Republic Already PublishedThe paper “borrowed and duplicated” substantial material.
  2. regarding gabby
    Gabrielle Giffords Walking, Talking, SingingThe good news, with caveats.
  3. crazy in arizona
    Loughner Grins As He Enters the Courtroom to Plead Not GuiltyHe could be up for the death penalty.
  4. crazy in arizona
    This Time, for Gabrielle Giffords’s Sake, Let’s Not Get Ahead of OurselvesThe breathless accounts of her recovery are missing the bigger picture.
  5. crazy in arizona
    Gabrielle Giffords Able to StandGiffords may leave the hospital as soon as Friday.
  6. crazy in arizona
    Gabrielle Giffords Could Be Out of the Hospital Within WeeksThe long rehabilitation process of Giffords’s “miraculous” recovery begins.
  7. crazy in arizona
    Sensitivity Around Tucson Shooting Could Get the Loughner Trial Moved to California [Updated]Good luck finding an untainted jury pool!
  8. crazy in arizona
    Gabrielle Giffords Upgraded to Serious Condition“She’s a fighter.”
  9. crazy in arizona
    Gabrielle Giffords Breathing on Her Own; Loughner G-String Photos Handed Over to PoliceAnd the Safeway where the shooting occurred reopened.
  10. the better angels
    Heilemann on Obama’s Moral ChallengeThe president makes a compelling case for the need to calm our political conversation.
  11. crazy in arizona
    New Deranged Comments Found Online, But Loughner Might Not Be Able to Plead InsanityLegal strategy changed after the assassination attempt on Reagan.
  12. crazy in arizona
    While Giffords Heals, Loughner’s Parents CryFamilies — and Obama — prepare for Wednesday’s memorial service.
  13. crazy in arizona
    Jared Loughner Appears in Court; Gabrielle Giffords Gives ‘Thumbs-Up‘ to Doctors [Updated]And all the other latest Loughner news.
  14. arizona shooting
    John Heilemann on the Political Language of Violence“The thing that’s more powerful is the emotions behind the words.”
  15. arizona shooting
    Tucson Shooter’s Grudge Against Giffords: ‘I Planned Ahead’Loughner’s grudge against Giffords stemmed from an interaction in 2007.