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  1. foreign policy
    Joe Biden’s Perfect Foreign Policy StormCOVID is raging, the Taliban are back, and the planet is on fire — an ideal opportunity for the U.S. to change the way it acts.
  2. 4 Tunisian Civil-Society Organizations Share the Nobel Peace PrizeThe National Dialogue Quartet of Tunisia protected the democratic process following the country’s Arab Spring uprising. 
  3. At Least 19 Dead After Terrorist Attack in Tunisia [Updated]Seventeen foreign tourists and two Tunisians are dead after a shooting at a museum, as are two of their attackers. 
  4. overreactions
    Rioters Chant ‘Obama, Obama, We Are All Osamas’More heartwarming developments from the Muslim world.
  5. arab spring
    Tunisia’s First Free Election Was Well AttendedAbout 70 percent of voters showed up.
  6. osama bin killed
    Bin Laden Really Rode the Middle East Revolution WaveHe praised what he called the “Arab Spring.”
  7. revolt like an egyptian
    Libyan Refugee Crisis Deepens, Obama Weighs In With Help, Qaddafi With GunsIt’s a “logistical nightmare,” among other things.
  8. revolt like an egyptian
    Tunisia’s Prime Minister Calls It a DayHe wasn’t working quickly enough.
  9. the future is coming
    Facebook: So You Say You Want a Tunisian RevolutionWe can help with that.
  10. international intrigue
    More People Than Usual Are Burning Themselves AliveAcross North Africa, a political protest is catching on.
  11. uprisings
    Libyan Leader Blames Tunisian Uprising on WikiLeaksThe same WikiLeaks that ruined his relationship with a nurse.
  12. uprisings
    Tunisia Gets Its Third President in One WeekFouad Mebazaa is expected to hold elections soon.