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  1. dad-in-chief
    Watch This Supercut of Terrible Presidential Turkey-Pardon JokesTurkeys: saved. Punch lines: butchered.
  2. unexpected wildlife
    Staten Island’s Wild Turkeys Have Pooped Their LastGrowing (and messy) flock to be culled.
  3. early and awkward
    PETA Implores Obama to Not Pardon Turkeys Because It’s Opposite DayWeird.
  4. photo op
    President Obama Spares Two Turkeys From Annual Ritualistic GenocideAnd makes a joke!
  5. the avian menace
    Wild Turkey Rescued from New Jersey TurnpikeAn animal, not booze.
  6. the war against nature
    Wild Turkeys Are Attacking People in a New Jersey NeighborhoodAnd Philadelphia is laughing!