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  1. election 2020
    Biden Beat Trump in the Town Hall TV-Ratings BattleBiden’s ABC town hall had the benefit of a stronger lead-in.
  2. games
    Why Are Pandemic Sports Ratings So Terrible?Some theories on why viewers have unexpectedly turned away in droves.
  3. tv ratings
    Over 13 Million People Watched the First Day of Impeachment HearingsWednesday’s congressional hearings drew a bigger audience than anything else on TV.
  4. tv ratings
    The First Democratic Debates for 2020 Probably Won’t Break Any Ratings RecordsMillions will watch, but it’ll be a shock if ratings come anywhere close to matching the 2016 election cycle.
  5. Of Course Trump Is Lying About His State of the Union RatingsThe speech did not draw record TV ratings, despite Trump’s claim.
  6. Poll: Anger at Colin Kaepernick Is Driving Down NFL RatingsThe election has something to do with it too.
  7. The First Clinton-Trump Showdown Smashes Viewership RecordsAt least 20 percent more people tuned in than for the first contest between Obama and Romney in 2012.
  8. the ratings game
    Trump RNC Speech Ratings Not That ‘Big’Not much higher than what Mitt Romney drew. 
  9. More Than 15 Million People Tuned in for the Democratic DebateIt was the most-watched Democratic primary debate ever.
  10. cable-stained wretches
    Is Health-Care Coverage Killing CNN’s Ratings?That’s one theory.