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  1. games
    Nobody’s Going to Sports in Person Anymore. And No One Seems to Care.Which may be because it’s all by design.
  2. ratings
    The DNC Was a Ratings Hit; So Was Trump’s SpeechA word to the wise, though: Don’t use this to predict November’s election results.
  3. media
    How Has the Anchorman Endured for More Than 60 Years?The inane institution of the Great American News Anchor is no different from the Great and Powerful Oz.
  4. media
    The Rise and Rise and Rise of ABC’s Ben SherwoodHis meandering, joyous — or maybe seriously Machiavellian — path to the top.
  5. in conversation
    Jon Stewart on His Directorial Debut RosewaterWhat do you do after years spent turning a show into an American comic institution? If you’re this comedian, you might spend a summer making a movie about torture.
  6. hillary watch
    The Meaning of Hillary’s Promise to ‘Hug It Out’As Ari Gold taught us, the point is to show the world that you are aggressively getting along.
  7. ink-stained wretches
    Report: Meet the Press Will Dump David Gregory After the MidtermsMore rumors from the surprisingly catty world of Sunday-morning talk shows.
  8. bill de blasio’s new york
    It’s Not Impossible That Stephen Colbert Booked Mayor de Blasio Over TwitterEither way, they got the message out.
  9. white house correspondents’ dinner 2014
    Scott Foley Had Never Been to D.C. BeforeThe Scandal star finally made the trip for the WHCD.
  10. encounter
    Jorge Ramos on TV Ratings, Immigration“The Latino community expects from us much more than just news. They expect from us leadership. And they expect from us somehow to represent them.”
  11. the great morning tv war
    Today Show Takes Morning TV War to SiriusXMAll four hours will simulcast on the radio.
  12. the sports section
    Brooklyn Cyclones to Host Seinfeld NightA salute to the NBC show, on the 25th anniversary of its premiere.
  13. bill de blasio’s new york
    Mayor de Blasio Won’t Let L.A. Just Take The Late Show He made a phone call and everything.
  14. the great morning tv war
    Michael Strahan Is Joining the Morning TV WarHe’s reportedly close to a deal with GMA.
  15. talking about the weather
    Can the Weather Channel Survive a Hail of Competitors? “It’s ugly out there.”
  16. sochi olympics 2014
    The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics GIF Wrap-upSoft knees, wrenched guts, can’t lose.
  17. sochi olympics 2014
    Miss Tuesday’s Olympic Games? Here’s a GIF-capOne big weather advisory.
  18. math
    This Math Formula Shows Why the Comcast—Time Warner Cable Deal Should Be BlockedGood ol’ HHI.
  19. mobama watch
    Michelle Obama Is Now a Scandal FanShe binge-watched every season over the holidays.
  20. tv
    Obama Loves GoT, Every Other Top Cable DramaBut Clinton hasn’t convinced him to check out Scandal.
  21. cable news news
    Jeff Zucker Says CNN Will Soon Have Less News, More ‘Attitude’Like Anthony Bourdain.
  22. tv
    Watch Jon Stewart on Egypt’s Daily ShowHe stopped by Al-Bernameg on his way to Iran.
  23. politics
    Will Courts Stop Brooklyn D.A. Joe Hynes’s CBS Show From Airing? [Updated]CBS is scrambling to save ‘Brooklyn D.A.’
  24. mobama
    Is Michelle Obama a Better Dancer Than Your Mom?Probably, but you should still watch this video.
  25. the fall of lance armstrong
    More Bad News for Lance Armstrong After Oprah ConfessionInvestigators say he lied; company sues him for $12 million.
  26. Meet Roger Ailes’s Fox News MouthpieceThe network chief’s lawyer is also his on-air surrogate. 
  27. briwi
    Brian Williams Had David Letterman Cracking Up BriWi knows the location of the famous Navy SEALs dog.
  28. media
    Rupert Murdoch Might Make an ESPN of His OwnNews Corp. could launch a national sports network by the end of the year.
  29. morning shows
    Pat Kiernan Schooled Kelly Ripa on National TelevisionWatch the NY1 anchor bring a little NY1 to Live!
  30. Video: Stephen Colbert Chases Jon Stewart to Get His $1M Super PAC BackYes, $1 million. 
  31. rick rolling
    John Heilemann on NOW With Alex Wagner: Rick Perry Is Gaining SteamThe race for third place is getting hot!
  32. video
    Jonathan Chait on Hardball: Disgruntled LiberalsHe says there’s a broad dissatisfaction with President Obama among the left.
  33. final days
    Watch a Rent–Themed Tribute to Regis Philbin’s Last Day on Live!Seasons of Reeg!
  34. this is only a test
    Why Is the Emergency Broadcast System Playing Lady Gaga?Emergency dance party!!!!
  35. the garden state
    Chris Christie Won’t Be Rewarding Jersey Shore’s Bad BehaviorSomebody had to draw the line.
  36. the garden state
    Taxpayers to Give Jersey Shore $420,000 for All the Good TimesSome New Jersey politicians are not pleased.
  37. cable news news
    How Did Al Sharpton End Up With a Show on MSNBC?’PoliticsNation’ had a rocky premiere.
  38. hellivision
    Jill Zarin May Not Be on the Real Housewives of New York City for Much LongerBAWBEE!!
  39. kaaaahhhnnn!
    DSK to Finally Get the Law & Order: SVU Treatment He DeservesIt’s about time!
  40. hellivision
    Cast of the Real Housewives of New York City ‘Are Not Welcome Past Amagansett’Can we ban them from south of 23rd Street, too, please?
  41. awkward admissions
    Michael Wolff Forced Into Shocking AdmissionWe could never have guessed this one.
  42. cable news news
    CNN Cancels Eliot Spitzer’s In the Arena in Prime-Time ShuffleAnderson Cooper will take over the 8 p.m. time slot.
  43. delusions of grandeur
    Sonja Morgan Knows What the World Is Thinking“I’m sure the world thinks, ‘Sonja doesn’t have to worry.’”
  44. bye bye bye
    Five Strange Moments From Glenn Beck’s Last ShowThat’s five fewer than any other episode!
  45. crazytown
    Tricia Walsh-Smith Wants Her Own TV ShowThe YouTube divorcée is back.
  46. the future is coming
    Yahoo Is Trying to Buy HuluThe online video service is considering an unsolicited acquisition offer.
  47. video
    John Heilemann on Andrea Mitchell: The Not-Gonna-Happen CandidatesChris Christie’s statement that he’s not qualified to run will come back to haunt him if he changes his mind.
  48. own it
    Oprah Winfrey Network Has to Make It Up to AdvertisersBecause of low ratings, the network has had to offer up additional ad time to buyers.
  49. video
    John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Being Jon HuntsmanIs Huntsman about to join “the weakest presidential field since 1940”?
  50. video
    John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Obama vs. the Clowns?Plus, are Bachmann and Palin patching up their frenemy status?
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