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  1. Brooklyn Burglar Twerks for an Hour Outside Apartment FirstAnd it’s all on surveillance video. 
  2. stand clear of the closing doors
    Woman Who Twerked on the Subway Tracks: ‘Yolo. I Was Only Having Fun’“We made sure we were careful when we went down there.”
  3. stand clear of the closing doors
    Here Are Some Ladies Twerking on the Subway TracksOh god, the stupid.
  4. Esteemed World Twerking Record Tainted by ControversyIs nothing sacred?
  5. You Were Alive on the Day They Set the World Twerking RecordThat day was today. 
  6. viral videos
    Do Watch This Slapstick Twerking-Fail VideoIt ends in fire.
  7. the most important people in the world
    Mika Brzezinski Shaming Miley Cyrus: Video“That was disgusting and embarrassing.”