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  1. what we know
    What X CEO Linda Yaccarino Claimed at the Code ConferenceIn a tense interview, the head of Elon Musk’s social media platform insisted everything was going great — and that she really was the CEO.
  2. on with kara swisher
    Walter Isaacson on Almost All the Criticism of His Elon Musk BookKara Swisher grills the author on his new biography and tries to get him to admit whether or not he actually likes Musk.
  3. screen time
    Social Media Drops the ‘Digital Town Square’ RoutineEvery platform used to be for everyone, but those days are gone.
  4. screen time
    Lies, Damned Lies, and Social-Media MetricsThose view counts on Twitter, TikTok, and Netflix? Be very skeptical.
  5. twitter
    Twitter’s New X Is Officially a Bad SignNeighbors and city building inspectors were not thrilled about Elon Musk’s giant new strobe light atop X-Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters.
  6. technology
    All the Ways Elon Musk’s X Is Different From TwitterThe branding is wildly inconsistent, but for now the biggest changes are happening only in Musk’s dreams.
  7. the left
    Will There Be Bananas Under Socialism?The most important question facing the American left today.
  8. sports
    Threads Has Woj Bombs Now, So the Site Has Really ArrivedA-list scoop machines like Adrian Wojnarowski and Adam Schefter are giving Mark Zuckerberg’s “Twitter killer” some sports credibility.
  9. screen time
    Mark Zuckerberg’s Threads Is an Early Success — Thanks to Elon MuskA hundred million users later, Meta’s timing with its Twitter knockoff looks both savvy and lucky.
  10. fiascos
    Elon Musk Tries Forcing Twitter Users to Use Less TwitterMusk announced reading limits for all Twitter accounts over the weekend, blaming AI but punishing humans who still use Twitter.
  11. small pleasures
    Bluesky Reminds Me of When Social Media Wasn’t TerribleIt’s refreshing to share inane thoughts in an extremely low-stakes atmosphere.
  12. screen time
    Why Mark Zuckerberg Can’t Quit TwitterHe once tried to buy it. Now he’s creating a knockoff — and talking about a cage fight with Elon Musk.
  13. the money game
    Jim Cramer and the Art of Being WrongFinancial Twitter’s favorite joke is that the CNBC host is an inverse indicator. Is anyone making money betting against him?
  14. under new management
    Elon Musk Is Almost Done Wreaking Havoc As Twitter’s CEOThe billionaire has hired NBCUniversal ad chief Linda Yaccarino to take the reins.
  15. screen time
    Can Bluesky Be Twitter Without Twitter?The buzz over the all-too-familiar new platform is as much about getting out as in.
  16. screen time
    Twitter Frees Its HostagesMusk, who is trying to extort verified users to pay to keep their blue check, is actually giving them a precious gift: a chance at a clean exit.
  17. media
    Elon Musk Drives NPR Off Twitter in Latest Genius MoveThe outlet said it would stop posting on the site after being labeled “state-sponsored media.”
  18. screen time
    Twitter Builds a WallElon Musk’s platform will take its cut or die trying.
  19. screen time
    Why Every App Now Feels Like TikTok, But WorseAlgorithmic videos are killing social media.
  20. twitter
    Who Leaked Twitter’s Source Code?The company reportedly thinks the leak, posted to GitHub under the name “FreeSpeechEnthusiast,” came from one of its many former employees.
  21. on with kara swisher
    Walter Isaacson on Whether Elon Musk’s Ends Justify Being MeanKara Swisher talks to the Musk biographer about what he observed shadowing the billionaire, how Musk compares with Steve Jobs, and much more.
  22. twitter
    Twitter Continues to Deteriorate SlowlyAnother malfunction on Monday is the latest sign of the site’s unreliability under Elon Musk.
  23. screen time
    A TikTok Ban Would Make for an Incredibly Strange Day on the InternetWhile it might not be the most probable course of events, it definitely could happen.
  24. on with kara swisher
    Marc Benioff Regrets Not Buying TwitterKara Swisher has a long talk with the embattled Salesforce CEO about activist investors, Elon Musk, drunk tweeting, and much more.
  25. twitter blues
    The Brutal Layoffs at Twitter Just Keep ComingAs Elon Musk tweets in defense of the “Dilbert” guy, the company’s head count continues to shrink, and not even loyalists are safe.
  26. media
    Elon Musk Backs Dilbert Guy, Says the Media Is ‘Racist Against Whites’The Twitter owner came to Scott Adams’s defense after the cartoonist’s racist rant led hundreds of newspapers to drop his long-running comic strip.
  27. tremendous content
    Elon Musk Rigged Twitter to Force Us to Read His TweetsThe CEO forced Twitter’s engineers to frantically come up with a way to boost his tweets because we ignored his boring Super Bowl post.
  28. old beef
    Trump White House Asked Twitter to Take Down Chrissy Teigen BurnMore proof that the former president can dish out insults but can’t take them.
  29. screen time
    How Much Does Unbanning Trump Really Matter?On the internet, you can never really go back home.
  30. tremendous content
    Trump and Truth Social Should Just Break Up AlreadyHe reportedly wants out of his contract with Truth Social, but instead of making a clean break, he’s asking for an open relationship with other sites.
  31. twitter
    Elon Musk Says Plan to Take Tesla Private at $420 a Share Totally Wasn’t a JokeOn trial, he says he had real reasons to use a weed joke as the premium for Tesla going private, not just because his girlfriend thought it was funny.
  32. screen time
    Elon Musk and the Sad Mod Theory of Social-Media CEOsYou may technically run the place, but most of your users just see you as a glorified moderator.
  33. on with kara swisher
    Ian Bremmer on How Putin, Xi, and Elon Musk Are AlikeIn this episode of On With Kara Swisher, Kara talks to the Eurasia Group president about global risks and strongman weaknesses.
  34. twitter
    Inside Elon’s ‘Extremely Hardcore’ TwitterTwitter’s staff spent years trying to protect the platform against impulsive, ranting billionaires — then one made himself the CEO.
  35. elon musk
    Tesla’s Terrible Year Has Gotten Even WorseAs Elon Musk devotes his time to boosting conspiracy theories on Twitter, the electric-car company’s stock continues to plummet.
  36. on with kara swisher
    Piers Morgan on Free Speech, Elon Musk, and the Meaning of MeatIn the latest episode of On With Kara Swisher, she grills the tabloid veteran about his long, tumultuous career and whether his outrage is all an act.
  37. bird brain
    The Unhinged Debate Over Twitter and ‘Free Speech’Whatever one makes of Twitter’s policies, a wider array of people and perspectives influence elite discourse today than ever before.
  38. what we know
    Twitter Users Vote for Elon Musk to Step Down. Will He?57.5 percent of respondents said “yes” he should. What happens next is anybody’s guess.
  39. twitter
    Elon Musk Tried to Ban Leaving TwitterFollowing a backlash, Musk canned the new policy, which barred users from mentioning their other accounts at numerous Twitter competitors.
  40. feuds
    What It’s Like to Be Banned by Elon MuskTwitter’s Thursday-night massacre, by those who lived it.
  41. the money game
    Is Elon Musk Setting Himself Up to Lose Tesla?The hidden danger of trying to fund Twitter by selling off the true source of his wealth and power.
  42. bird brain
    Elon Musk’s Politics Are About As Complicated As Trump’sBoth Musk and Trump sought subsidies from the Democrats, and then adoration from consumers of conservative media.
  43. screen time
    This Was Always the Problem With TwitterThe company has been exactly what the owners needed it to be — and nothing more.
  44. politics
    Twitter’s Former Safety Head Forced From Home After Being Smeared by Elon MuskFormer Twitter executive Yoel Roth and his family have reportedly faced a torrent of harassment and threats after Elon Musk’s false claims.
  45. the national interest
    Red-Pilled Elon Musk Still Loves the Chinese Communist PartyThe Twitter owner may hate the left, but he does admire Leninism.
  46. elon musk
    Elon Musk Gets Loudly Booed at Chappelle Comedy Show“It sounds like some of the people you fired are in the audience.”
  47. the media
    The ‘Twitter Files’ Is What It Claims to ExposeThe purported exposé of Twitter’s political bias is itself an attempt to weaponize control of Twitter for political purposes.
  48. the group portrait
    Elon Musk’s Former Employees Pour One Out for TwitterIn New York, they gathered at a favorite post-work bar. They commiserated, gossiped, swapped numbers, and promised to keep in touch.
  49. early and often
    Republicans: Leave the World’s Richest Man Alone!Ron DeSantis and Kevin McCarthy want everyone to “stop picking on Elon Musk.” They’ve barely said anything about Trump dining with antisemites.
  50. screen time
    Twitter Is Just a Guy NowAt the company — and on the platform — there’s no escaping Elon.
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