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Tyre Nichols

  1. police brutality
    Two of the Cops Who Beat Tyre Nichols Had RecordsThe Memphis Police Department severely lowered its qualifications for recruits in recent years.
  2. the system
    The Government’s Telling Response to Tyre Nichols’s DeathThe reforms being considered would probably not have prevented his killing. But officials have gotten better at preempting outrage.
  3. tyre nichols
    Eric Adams Defends Specialized Police Units Following Tyre Nichols CaseThe New York mayor said that, while he did not want to second-guess the decision to disband Memphis’s SCORPION unit, “units don’t create abuse.”
  4. what we know
    A Seventh Officer Has Been Suspended After Tyre Nichols’s Death: UpdatesThe officer was relieved of duty the same day the five officers charged with murder were fired for the beating.
  5. politics
    Tyre Nichols’s Parents Will Attend Biden’s State of the UnionThe Congressional Black Caucus extended the invitation.
  6. the system
    Tyre Nichols and the End of Police ReformHis death is evidence that cosmetic change can’t excise the rot of American law enforcement.