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    Man Dies by Suicide After Driving Car Into Barricade Near U.S. CapitolThe man drove into a barricade and fired a gun in the air, but police don’t seem to believe he was targeting any members of Congress.
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    There Are Still Confederates in the U.S. CapitolEven as Joe Biden noted with horror January 6 insurrectionists carrying rebel flags, he was surrounded by images of Confederate leaders and officers.
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    Protest Over Capitol Riot Arrests a NoneventMedia and police far outnumbered actual protesters on the National Mall on Saturday.
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    $1.9 Billion Capitol Security Bill Barely Passes in HouseOpposition from a handful of progressive representatives nearly sank a measure intended to boost Capitol security after the January 6 riot.
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    The Slow Push to ‘Free the Capitol’ From Its FencingTwo months after the Capitol riot, the political divide inside Congress has made it difficult to address the razor-wire divide outside.
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    Biden Moves to Undo Trump Health Policies: Live UpdatesPresident Biden is signing executive actions that expand access to health care amid the pandemic and begin unraveling his predecessor’s policies.
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    Republicans Defend Confederate Statues in the CapitolWhile Democrats say that 11 traitors who fought their country to defend and expand slavery don’t need to be commemorated in the Capitol.
  8. Capitol Police Keep Leaving Loaded Glocks in BathroomsA kid visiting the Capitol found a gun in the bathroom of the Speaker’s suite. 
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    The U.S. Capitol Has a Waste ‘Containment Issue’Metaphor alert.
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    Police Shoot and Kill Woman After Car Chase Outside U.S. Capitol [Updated]Developing.