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U.s. China Relations

  1. a problem like korea
    The Real Things Team Trump Is Trying to Accomplish in AsiaBehind the cheesy photo ops and terrifying tweets.
  2. Things Trump’s Said About China That President Xi Jinping Might Hold Against Him▶️ “We can’t continue to allow China to rape our country.”
  3. Jared Kushner Is One of Trump’s Top Advisers on U.S.-China PolicyTo prepare for his meeting with Xi Jinping, Trump is relying on the expertise of his son-in-law, an oil executive, and a 93-year-old man.
  4. higher education
    Chen Guangcheng Says NYU Wants Him Gone Because of ChinaSays the university tried to stage-manage him.
  5. higher education
    NYU Says It Treated Chinese Activist Chen Guangcheng Like Albert EinsteinBut he’s leaving after a year.
  6. u.s.-china relations
    Chinese Activist Chen Guangcheng Settling Into His NYU DigsHe arrived yesterday at Newark airport.