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U.s. Mexico Border

  1. what we know
    What’s Going On With the U.S.-Texas Border Standoff?The state’s leaders are now defying the White House and the Supreme Court. Here’s what we know.
  2. early and often
    What Will Democrats Give Up to Get More Aid for Ukraine?Republicans are demanding border-security concessions that will divide Democrats deeply, and even that may not be enough to save help for Kyiv.
  3. 2022 midterms
    How the Border Went MAGAControl of Congress might depend on the Democrats’ ability adjust to reality.
  4. politics
    Idaho’s No. 2 Attempts Power Grab in Governor’s AbsenceFor the second time, Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin issued COVID-19 mandate orders that Governor Brad Little – a fellow Republican – opposes.
  5. veep
    President Biden Isn’t Making Life Easy for Kamala HarrisThe vice-president is the presumed front-runner to someday succeed Biden. He might want to start giving her less impossible assignments.
  6. immigration
    Trump Wants to Be ‘Tougher’ on Immigration. Here’s What That Could Mean.The return of family separation, the end of birthright citizenship, and other policies the Trump administration is reportedly kicking around.
  7. u.s. mexico border
    White House Insists That Trump Really Is Dumb Enough to Close the BorderJust because Trump’s latest anti-migrant proposals would be self-defeating and economically devastating doesn’t mean he won’t go through with them.
  8. immigration
    Report: Families Are Being Separated at the Border Over False AllegationsA new report shows that one of the darkest chapters of the Trump administration is ongoing.
  9. immigration
    Pentagon Extends Troop Border Deployment As Trump Warns of ‘Big New Caravan’Initially scheduled to come home December 15, 2018, the troops will now remain at the southern border through at least the end of September.