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    Can Uber Fix Itself When Silicon Valley Won’t?Uber is “20 assholes lighter.” Will that be enough to change its culture?
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    Uber Fires 20 Employees Following Sexual-Harassment InvestigationThe company is under intense scrutiny following allegations of rampant discrimination.
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    Everyone’s Favorite Apple Exec, Bozoma Saint John, Is Headed to UberIt’s unclear what the former Apple Music executive will be doing at Uber.
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    Uber Hires Business-School Academic Frances Frei to Reshape the CompanyShe will be faced with the broad task of cleaning up the company and its leadership.
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    Uber Fires Engineer Who Allegedly Stole Trade Secrets From GoogleGoogle’s self-driving-car company, Waymo, is currently suing Uber over Levandowski’s actions.
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    Is Uber Evil, or Just Doomed?Sexual harassment, corporate-espionage charges, taking advantage of drivers: The company that practically courts bad PR is in an existential crisis.
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    Parents of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Injured In Boating AccidentA tragic accident.
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    UberPool Riders in New York Will Now Get Picked Up in This One Specific SpotThe new changes are supposed to cut down turns by 20 percent and speed up rides.
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    Uber Threatens to Fire Engineer Embroiled in Google LawsuitAnthony Levandowski allegedly stole trade secrets from Google and gave them to Uber.
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    Uber’s Two Biggest Enemies Just Joined ForcesLyft and Waymo are getting into business together.
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    Google’s Waymo Versus Uber Suit May Become a Criminal CaseThings are heating up in Waymo’s lawsuit against Uber.
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    Wild Ride Recounts How Uber Exploded (in More Ways Than One)A new book chronicles Travis Kalanick’s rise.
  13. Justice Department Launches Criminal Investigation Into UberThe probe focuses on whether Uber was using an internal tool to evade authorities in cities where it was not authorized to operate.
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    Uber’s Head of Self-Driving Cars Steps Aside As Lawsuit Heats UpAnthony Levandowski allegedly stole documents and data from Google, which he would later bring to Uber.
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    How Much Did #DeleteUber Actually Help Lyft?Monthly rides are up over 130 percent for the Uber rival.
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    Covering Your Ass Legally and Covering Your Ass Ethically Are Not the Same Thing“It’s in the terms of service” is a flimsy excuse.
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    Former Lyft Drivers Sue Uber for Secretly Tracking ThemThe program was allegedly used for years to help lure drivers away from Lyft.
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    Email-Unsubscribing-Service CEO Sad People Found Out It Was Selling Their DataUnroll.me’s CEO says all the data it sold was anonymized.
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    Uber Wasn’t ‘Tracking’ Users, But It Was Breaking Apple’s Rules. Here’s How.Uber may not have been “tracking” you, but it was definitely doing something shady with your phone.
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    Uber Secretly Tagged iPhones Before Apple Made Them StopThe tactic was known as “fingerprinting.”
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    Uber Bad Boys Graffiti a Wall to Convince You Uber Is Actually GoodThe spray paint reads “#Undelete,” a play on the #DeleteUber campaign that swept social media earlier this year.
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    Uber Needs More Time to Finish Sexism InvestigationAn internal memo shows the company’s attorneys asking for more time to interview top employees.
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    Uber May Be Forced to Allow Tipping in Its App in NYCYou may be able to give a five-star review, and tip a dollar or two, at the end of an Uber ride in the near future.
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    Uber’s ‘Hell’ Program Secretly Tracked Lyft DriversAnother dastardly Uber initiative.
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    Another Top Uber Employee Is Headed Out the DoorUber’s head of communications, Rachel Whetstone, has resigned.
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    Uber Bans Rider for Threatening to Accuse Her Driver of RapeThe driver filmed the passenger yelling and kicking his back seat via a dashboard camera.
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    Lyft Fancies Itself the Woke Bae of Ride-Hailing Apps“We’re not the nice guys,” Lyft president John Zimmer told Time. “We’re a better boyfriend.”
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    Uber Tried to Recruit a Female Engineer by Assuring Her Sexism Is EverywhereWhen Kamilah Taylor said she wasn’t interested in working for Uber, a recruiter told her “sexism is systemic in tech.”
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    Uber President Resigns After Only 6 MonthsJeff Jones’s departure is said to be linked directly to Uber’s recent string of scandals.
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    Uber’s Self-Driving Cars Still Have Some Work to DoThe cars still require frequent driver intervention.
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    Rogue Uber Drives Straight Into a Gas Pump and Bursts Into FlamesFortunately, the passenger was sent to the hospital with only minor injuries.
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    Bad PR Will Hurt Uber. Google’s Lawsuit Could Kill It.Google is suing Uber for allegedly stealing self-driving-car tech. If it wins, it could be the end of the road for Uber.
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    Austin’s Done Just Fine Without Uber — Even If South by Southwest Hasn’tTechies complaining about Austin’s lack of Uber are confirming precisely what Austinites have come to resent about SXSW.
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    SXSW Folks Sure Were Freaking Out That Uber and Lyft Left AustinA bunch of tech bros were left very mad online, waiting for a ride.
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    Uber Will No Longer Use Greyball Software to Secretly Track OfficialsThe secret software was implemented back in 2014 and helped the company thwart law enforcement.
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    How Uber Got HereThe ride-hailing company’s stream of bad press this winter didn’t come out of nowhere.
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    Who Will Be Uber’s New COO?The announcement follows a leaked video of Kalanick arguing with a driver, and two executives resigning.
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    Top-Secret Uber Program Was Used to Thwart Law EnforcementAccording to a new report from the New York Times, the company used secret software to make sure local officials couldn’t get Uber rides.
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    So What Are That Uber Driver and Travis Kalanick Arguing About Exactly?Uber fares have changed significantly over the years, and drivers are feeling the effects.
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    Video Surfaces of Uber CEO Arguing Heatedly With Driver: ‘Bulls**t!’The video of Travis Kalanick is the latest in a series of bad news for the ride-hailing company.
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    Uber Exec Forced to Resign Over Sexual Harassment Allegations at GoogleUber senior vice-president Amit Singhal didn’t disclose sexual-harassment allegations that were levied against at his previous job.
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    Why Google’s Lawsuit Could Leave Uber in the Breakdown LaneUber’s very bad February just got a whole lot worse.
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    Discrimination at Uber Is a Reminder of How Hard Women Must Fight to Be BelievedEx-employee Susan Fowler documented everything during her time at the company, but management still found ways to deny her claims.
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    Eric Holder, Uber Employees to Conduct ‘Independent Review’ of Sexism ClaimsThe company is moving fast following harassment allegations from a former employee.
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    Former Uber Engineer Describes ‘Horrifying’ Culture of Sexual HarassmentCEO Travis Kalanick promised to “conduct an urgent investigation” and fire anyone who “behaves this way or thinks this is okay.”
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    Is Pittsburgh Turning on Uber?The city is getting tired of waiting.
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    The Lessons of #DeleteUberWhat worked against Uber won’t work against other tech companies.
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    Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Resigns From Trump Advisory BoardThe #deleteUber campaign seems to have worked.
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    Why Uber Was This Weekend’s Tech Punching Bag#DeleteUber was less a direct response to the weekend’s events than a referendum on the service in a new political climate.
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    Why People Are Deleting Uber En MasseThe company’s ties to Trump are the last straw for many.
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