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    Women Accusing Uber Drivers of Rape Could Have to Settle Behind Closed DoorsNine women have joined a class-action suit accusing their Uber drivers of violence, harassment, and rape.
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    Uber Salary Study Was Wrong, But Drivers Still Don’t Make MuchAn MIT study claimed Uber drivers average $3.37 an hour. It’s really more like $10, which is still less than minimum wage in many states.
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    The Woman Brought in to Fix Uber Is Leaving the CompanyFrances Frei spent nine months working at Uber.
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    Uber CEO Says Tip More If You Want to Ride With Better DriversA higher score means you’ll be paired with a better driver, so this is sound advice if you don’t want to end up an Uber horror story.
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    Travis Kalanick Squirmed on Floor After Video of Him Yelling at DriverAfter he was caught yelling at an Uber driver, Kalanick paid the driver $200,000 out of his own pocket following a private meeting.
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    Uber in Trouble Again Over Secret, Authority-Thwarting ProgramIn the event of a police raid, the company would remotely lock its computers to keep authorities from accessing information.
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    Uber Settles With NYC Drivers for $3 MillionThe company guaranteed $5,000 in the first month.
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    For the Good of Society — and Traffic! — Delete Your Map AppCities and citizens alike are waging war against map apps.
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    Uber Had a Very Bad Day in CourtA former Uber employee laid out the ride-sharing company’s dubious tactics in court.
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    57 Million People Had Their Uber Data Stolen So the Company Paid to Cover It UpJust when you thought maybe, maybe Uber could be turning things around.
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    Uber’s Location Sharing Makes It Even Easier to Find Your DriverSpend less time wandering around confused in the cold.
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    NFL Investigates Jameis Winston for Allegedly Groping Female Uber DriverThe incident allegedly took place in Arizona last year.
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    Some Uber Drivers Are Using a Phony GPS App to Raise FaresSome riders have reportedly paid twice as much as they should have as a result.
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    Uber Will Have to Pay London Drivers Minimum WageThe company lost its appeal to overturn last year’s ruling that Uber drivers aren’t self-employed.
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    Uber and NASA Want to See You in a Flying Taxi by 2020Uber is calling it “ride-sharing in the sky.”
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    Uber CEO Replaces Problematic Core Values With Friendlier-Sounding List“Always be hustling” and “toe-stepping” are no more.
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    Uber Will Charge More If It Takes Your Driver Longer to Reach YouUber has to keep both drivers and riders happy. It’s a delicate balancing act.
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    The Juiciest, Most Groan-Inducing Details From the Uber vs. Waymo Court DocsUnicorns, a lot of shredding, and embarrassing Google searches come to light in a due-diligence report by Stroz Friedberg.
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    Uber and Lyft Waive Fees for Victims of Las Vegas AttackIn the wake of the Las Vegas massacre, Uber and Lyft have worked quickly to ensure that affected customers would not be overcharged for their rides.
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    Uber’s New Feature Will Tell You Just How Terrible of a Passenger You AreStarting today, if you’re a jerk to your Uber driver, you’ll hear about it.
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    Uber May Be Getting the Boot in LondonLondon’s transit commission declared Uber “not fit” to work as a private-hire cab company.
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    Uber Struggling to Get Itself Together in AsiaAn Uber employee reportedly bribed police in Jakarta.
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    Oh Look, Uber Is Under Federal Investigation AgainThe new investigation is over a secret software Uber allegedly used to track Lyft drivers.
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    Annotating the Many Metaphors in This Bonkers Statement From Shervin PishevarShervin Pishevar clearly owns a thesaurus and isn’t afraid to use it.
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    Uber Taps Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi to Fill Travis Kalanick’s ShoesUber’s reported pick has been running Expedia since 2005 and is vocally anti-Trump.
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    One of Uber’s Biggest Investors Is Suing Travis Kalanick for FraudThey’re trying to force him off the board and out for good.
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    Uber Now Lets You Communicate With Your Driver From the AppIn-app messaging is coming your way.
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    Uber Knew the Cars It Was Leasing Drivers Were at Risk of Catching FireIt was only after a driver’s dashboard went up in spontaneous flames that the company decided to do something.
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    Uber’s Next CEO Is More Likely to Be Travis Kalanick Than Meg WhitmanThe final candidates to replace Travis Kalanick are reportedly all men, and only one of them isn’t white.
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    Forgetting Your Phone in an Uber Will Now Cost $15Uber rolls out more changes aimed at appeasing drivers.
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    Uber Suspends Driver Who Maybe Got Road Head With a Passenger in the BackseatThe passenger said when he got into the car there was an intoxicated woman in the passenger seat who performed oral sex on the driver.
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    Lyft Wants to Be the “Open Platform” for Self-Driving CarsWhile Uber tries to go it alone, Lyft continues to try to partner up.
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    Waymo Drops Most of Its Patent Claims But Keeps Fighting UberA slight course correction.
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    In-App Tipping Comes to UberUber tries to play nice.
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    What Travis Kalanick Leaves Behind at UberUber may well be a more stable company without Travis Kalanick. Kalanick without Uber is another story.
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    Uber Founder Travis Kalanick Resigns As CEOFive major shareholders demanded that he step down following months of bad news for the ride-sharing company.
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    Lyft Reinvents the BusLyft’s new service is a bus.
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    Can the New, Cuddly Uber Survive?Uber is going to be nicer to its employees. Is it going to be nicer to cities, too?
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    Woman Raped by Uber Driver Sues Company AgainHer medical records were obtained and shown to Uber executives who thought she might be lying about her rape.
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    Uber Under FTC Scrutiny for Violating Customers’ PrivacyDid Uber use its “god view” mode to track the movements of celebs and politicians?
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    Voting With Your Wallet Won’t Fix UberBoycotts and ethical consumption choices don’t do much in the age of billion-dollar venture-capital investments.
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    Why It Took So Long for Uber to ChangeTravis Kalanick wasn’t the company’s only bad apple.
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    Uber Board Member Resigns After Cracking Sexist Joke at Company MeetingThe meeting was called to discuss Uber’s widespread sexual-harassment and gender-discrimination issues.
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    Uber Board Member Makes Sexist Joke During, Yes, a Meeting About Sexism at UberThe remark came during a meeting announcing Travis Kalanick’s leave of absence.
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    Uber CEO Travis Kalanick to Take Leave of AbsenceThe announcement coincides with a report on Uber’s toxic culture compiled by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.
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    Uber’s Most Notorious Executive Has Finally ResignedEmil Michael is out at Uber.
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    Travis Kalanick Could Be Taking a Leave of Absence From UberHis right-hand man, SVP Emil Michael, is reportedly considering resigning, following a sexual-harassment probe of the company.
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    Uber CEO Emailed ‘Sex Rules’ to Employees Before Company RetreatAn email from 2013 reveals how its early corporate culture echoes on today.
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    Travis Kalanick Uses Uber’s Lactation Room to MeditateHis new zen tactics were reportedly inspired by Arianna Huffington, who is an Uber board member.
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    Uber Exec Shared Medical Records of Rape Victim He Believed Was LyingHe is now no longer with the company.
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