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  1. international affairs
    One Year After Kony 2012, the Hunt for Joseph Kony Has Been ‘Paused’Kony 2013 looks a lot different.
  2. international intrigue
    Ugandan Troops Capture Top Commander in Kony’s ArmyThey’re narrowing in on Kony.
  3. bachmann ambition overdrive
    Meet Peter Waldron, the Former Ugandan Prisoner and Accused Spy Working for Michele Bachmann in IowaOh boy.
  4. awful things
    Gay Ugandan Activist MurderedUgh.
  5. party chat
    Jann Wenner: ‘Who Would Have Thought We’d Have to Own the Rolling Stone Copyright in Uganda?’The magazine publisher reacts to some unpleasant news.
  6. awful things
    Ugandan Newspaper Publishes Names of ‘Top 100’ Homosexuals, Calls for Their HangingThis isn’t the first time.
  7. terrorism
    World Cup Viewers in Uganda Killed by BlastsGroup with Al Qaeda ties is suspected.
  8. guns god gays ‘gandans
    Obama Won’t Be Told With Whom He Can and Cannot Eat BreakfastHe attends the National Prayer Breakfast despite protests from groups who think gay Ugandans should be allowed to live.
  9. the gays
    Link Between American Evangelicals and Ugandan Gay-Execution Movement Scrutinized“When you speak about a certain group trying to destroy their children and their families … Africans will fight to the death.”
  10. the gays
    Rachel Maddow Shuts Down Gay-Cure AdvocateIn an extended segment last night, the lesbian MSNBC host stomped on Richard Cohen, an unlicensed psychotherapist.