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  1. ugh
    Yet Another Cruise Ship Has Confirmed COVID OnboardThe first vessel to resume Caribbean sailing is reporting its first coronavirus cases.
  2. the tweet beat
    Calm Yourself, Twitter Isn’t Going to Get Rid of LikesJack Dorsey reportedly said the company was getting rid of the like feature “soon.” That’s not going to happen.
  3. select all
    Don’t Watch the Viral Video of the Man Having Sex With the McChicken SandwichHere are seven alternative videos.
  4. Alaskan Goat Drowns While Escaping from Camera-Wielding TouristsA goat in Alaska jumped off a cliff after being frightened by people with cameras.
  5. Please Stop Shooting People With Nerf Guns for Internet FameIt’s just not funny anymore.
  6. L.A. Fire Department: Do Not Call 911 About Pokémon GoDon’t do it.
  7. The Feds Want You to Please Stop Taking Selfies With Baby SealsPlease.
  8. talking about the weather
    New York and the Entire East Coast Is Soggy, Flooded, and Kind of SadIt was the 10th rainiest day ever in New York City yesterday.
  9. awful things
    Gay Ugandan Activist MurderedUgh.
  10. statistics
    At Least 1,200 New Yorkers Pay to Shuttle Their Fine Art From Manhattan to the Hamptons Each SummerBecause decorating with seashells is not enough.
  11. Al Qaeda Eyeing NYC SubwaysPresumably because their own tunnels weren’t disgusting enough.
  12. Unschooling Mom Will Not Go AwayWere you creeped out by the essay Joanne Rendell wrote on yuppie parenting Website Babble some weeks ago about ‘unschooling’ her 5-year-old? You were probably just JEALOUS.