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Ukraine Invasion

  1. the national interest
    Why Are Anti-Ukraine Republicans So Hawkish on Israel?The revealing hypocrisy of the GOP’s pro-Russia wing.
  2. sports
    Brittney Griner’s Nightmare ContinuesRussian authorities have extended her detention ahead of a trial on drug-smuggling charges.
  3. early and often
    George W. Bush Iraq-Ukraine Gaffe Raises Unanswerable QuestionsI did not expect the Bush administration to conclude with a Jinx-like confession, and, frankly, I don’t quite know what to make of it.
  4. games
    Brittney Griner Still Isn’t Getting Enough AttentionAs a trumped-up trial in Russia looms, her case remains curiously under the radar.
  5. ukraine invasion
    You Won’t Be Able to Get a Big Mac in Moscow Ever AgainMcDonald’s is pulling out of Russia entirely as Putin’s invasion of Ukraine drags on — ending an era that began with promise.
  6. sports
    Wimbledon Pins Blame for Russian Invasion on Daniil MedvedevThe tournament’s banning of individual Russians and Belarusians doesn’t make a lot of sense.
  7. ukraine invasion
    This May Be Russia’s Most Embarrassing Loss YetThe battleship that menaced Snake Island sunk on Thursday. A day later, the Pentagon confirmed that it had been struck by Ukrainian missiles.
  8. the national interest
    If Trump Was Still President, Ukraine Would Be So Screwed Right NowTrump gives the game away on Hannity.
  9. ukraine
    ‘The War Never Left’A conversation with Ilya Kaminsky about memory, viral poetry, and the tragedy of Ukraine.
  10. ukraine invasion
    Biden Warns Putin Will Pay ‘Severe Price’ for Using Chemical WeaponsThe administration has said that misinformation about a Ukraine bioweapons program could be used as pretext for an attack.
  11. the economy
    How Much Financial Damage Could Russia Do to the U.S.?The Kremlin has limited capability to respond to an “economic war.”
  12. that happened
    The Time Biden (Supposedly) Told Putin He Didn’t Have a SoulIt’s possible the president slightly embellished this story.
  13. foreign interests
    When Metallica Took MoscowIn 1991, a massive heavy-metal concert seemed to usher in a new era.
  14. ukraine invasion
    Lindsey Graham’s Call for Putin’s Assassination Is Too Extreme for MTGEven Marjorie Taylor Greene said the senator’s call for Russians to assassinate Vladimir Putin was “irresponsible, dangerous & unhinged.”
  15. the left
    Russia’s Invasion Tests the American LeftWhat’s so hard about condemning Vladimir Putin?
  16. ukraine invasion
    Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich to Sell Chelsea Football ClubAbramovich, who is under pressure over his ties to Putin, said the proceeds will go to a foundation benefiting “victims of the war in Ukraine.”
  17. ukraine invasion
    Could Putin Go Nuclear in Russia’s War With Ukraine?Putin’s brinkmanship is a reminder that we are only one accident, miscommunication, or powerful psychopath away from nuclear war.
  18. ukraine invasion
    Can Volodymyr Zelensky Save Ukraine?Why the country’s wartime president is still pushing for peace.
  19. ukraine invasion
    Putin Gets Hit in the WalletPresident Biden’s decison to personally sanction him comes hours after the European Union made a similar call.
  20. ukraine
    Defiant Zelensky Tells Leaders They May Not See Him Alive AgainUkraine’s president is staying put in Kyiv as Russian troops advance on the city.