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  1. tremendous content
    Elon Musk Tries to End the War in Ukraine by PostingThe serial entrepreneur tries on diplomacy with a Twitter poll.
  2. foreign interests
    Putin Decries U.S. ‘Satanism’ in Bizarre Speech Annexing Parts of UkraineHis speech celebrating an illegal annexation in Ukraine turned into an anti-trans rant in which he blamed the West for blowing up Nord Stream.
  3. foreign interests
    Ukraine’s New Offensive Is Going Shockingly WellThe stunning advance, which has recaptured more than 3,000 square kilometers of territory, may mark a turning point in the war.
  4. what we know
    What Is Going On at Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant?The threat of catastrophic accident persists amid heavy fighting in the area. A team from the International Atomic Energy Agency is en route.
  5. what we know
    Who Really Killed Darya Dugina?The Kremlin says Ukraine was behind the car bombing, but as usual in Russia, speculation points in many directions.
  6. the money game
    It Could Be Years Before America’s Inflation Problem Is Under ControlThe Federal Reserve just raised rates by the most in 28 years, but its power to tame spiraling prices is limited.
  7. foreign interests
    Biden Says Zelenskyy ‘Didn’t Want to Hear’ Invasion WarningMeanwhile, Russia continues to make steady progress taking territory in eastern Ukraine, as Ukrainian forces run out of artillery shells.
  8. foreign interests
    Russia’s War in Ukraine Is Also a War on the Global Food SystemThe blockade of grain exports is exacerbating already high food prices and raising the risk of famine and instability across the world.
  9. foreign interests
    The War in Ukraine Can Be Over If the U.S. Wants ItThe U.S. needs to broker a peace with Russia before the consequences become still more dire, even if that means letting Putin have Donbas.
  10. foreign affairs
    The American Running Rescue Missions in UkraineKathy Stickel has pulled dozens of people out of harm’s way by putting herself in it.
  11. foreign interests
    What Is Putin Planning for May 9?The autocrat may declare victory over Ukraine — or expand the scope of his disastrous war.
  12. foreign interests
    U.S. Kind of Confirms It Helped Ukraine Kill Russian GeneralsUnnamed officials say U.S. intel played a critical role in some of Ukraine’s biggest strikes. President Biden reportedly called for the leaks to stop.
  13. ukraine war
    Mariupol Theater Death Toll Likely Much Worse Than ReportedAn investigation found that about 600 people were killed in the March attack, which remains Russia’s deadliest strike on civilians in Ukraine.
  14. foreign interests
    Pelosi Leads House Delegation to Ukraine As War Slowly Grinds OnOne analysis has suggested that Russia’s newest main offensive has stalled.
  15. the national interest
    What If I Told You Russia, Not America, Invaded Ukraine?My wildest Putin conspiracy theory: He’s been behind the war all along.
  16. art world
    The Venice Biennale, Without the Russians (or Their Yachts)These days, says artist Pavlo Makov, whose work is in the Ukrainian Pavilion, “The only place for dialogue is the front.”
  17. sports
    Wimbledon Pins Blame for Russian Invasion on Daniil MedvedevThe tournament’s banning of individual Russians and Belarusians doesn’t make a lot of sense.
  18. war diary
    The Ukrainian Soldier From New York Magazine’s March Cover Got MarriedAnd other updates from the authors of our oral history of the war.
  19. the money game
    Are the Sanctions Against Russia Working or Not?Russia has been able to defend against the West’s efforts to derail its economy, but longer term damage still looms.
  20. ukraine
    The Hunt for the Butchers of BuchaAcross the world, sleuths look for clues on social media to find Russian war criminals.
  21. just asking questions
    ‘Russia Is Completely Depoliticized’A sociologist from Moscow explains how the nation learned to deny reality, in Ukraine and at home.
  22. ukraine
    One Seat in Coach, 36 Suitcases, and Enough Kevlar to Fight a WarThe Ukrainian Americans supplying an army on their own.
  23. war
    The Horrors Emerging From Russian-Occupied Territory in UkraineIt’s not just Bucha. Reports of war atrocities targeting civilians continue to surface from across the country.
  24. foreign interests
    The War in Ukraine Is Shifting, Not EndingThe withdrawal of Russian forces from around Kyiv has provided both respite and new horrors. Now the fighting will intensify elsewhere.
  25. ukraine
    Ukraine’s Life-or-Death Therapy SessionsFor some, the fear of leaving home to survive can be paralyzing.
  26. scandals
    How Russia’s Oligarchs Laundered Their ReputationsSanctions haven’t touched their face-saving philanthropy.
  27. intelligencer chats
    How Bad Is the Ukraine War for Climate Change?Russia’s brutal invasion may hasten the West’s clean-energy transition, but its short-term effects on the planet will be damaging.
  28. foreign interests
    Did Biden’s Gaffe About Putin Contain a Kernel of Truth?The president insists he isn’t pushing for regime change in Russia. But it’s not clear what endgame he is aiming for.
  29. ukraine
    Oligarch Roman Abramovich Believes He Was Poisoned by Russia: ReportsAs he attempted to broker a Russia-Ukraine peace deal, the billionaire, and other negotiators, suffered mysterious physical symptoms.
  30. just asking questions
    Lessons From Lincoln on Solving Today’s Bitterest ConflictsA talk with author John Avlon on how the 16th president’s strategy for post-war peace can still guide America through crisis, at home and abroad.
  31. foreign policy
    Biden Says Putin ‘Cannot Remain in Power’The White House quickly tried to walk back the comment, insisting the president wasn’t talking about regime change.
  32. the money game
    Crypto Confronts the War in UkraineFor the big trading platforms, the Russian invasion has turned borderlessness into a liability.
  33. ukraine
    A Mayor at WarOne month after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Vitali Klitschko talks about keeping himself and Kyiv alive.
  34. politics
    Free-Speech Lover Putin Laments Cancellation of J.K. RowlingOn Friday, the Russian president sounded more like an aggrieved Substack writer than a fearsome autocrat.
  35. foreign interests
    Peace Isn’t Coming to Ukraine Any Time SoonA war of attrition looms.
  36. ukraine
    U.S. Officially Accuses Russia of War Crimes in UkraineSecretary of State Antony Blinken cited “credible reports” of “attacks deliberately targeting civilians.”
  37. just asking questions
    ‘Just Seize It’: The Push to Quickly Root Out Oligarchs’ U.S. AssetsSenator Sheldon Whitehouse on a new bill that would let wealthy Russians’ hidden property be seized and sold more easily, benefiting Ukrainians.
  38. foreign interests
    Why Putin Has Brought Hell to MariupolThree reasons the battle for the city could have a decisive impact on the war.
  39. russia
    Embattled Kremlin Extends Imprisonment of Its Most Prominent CriticAmid Putin’s crackdown on dissent, opposition leader Alexei Navalny has been sentenced to an additional nine years in prison.
  40. foreign interests
    The Left Has Half-Baked Answers on UkraineSome American leftists continue to prioritize ideological comfort over critical thought.
  41. 2022 midterms
    J.D. Vance’s Apathy Toward Ukraine Is BackfiringThe overcompensating Ohio Senate candidate has gone ultra-MAGA, but he may have ventured too far with his America First stance on Ukraine.
  42. ukraine
    The Beefing Boogaloo Boys of UkraineA pair of Ohio men with ties to the extremist militant movement traveled to Ukraine to fight until “the job was finished.” It’s not going so well.
  43. cringe
    Ukraine Doesn’t Deserve Bono’s Terrible PoemThe country has suffered enough.
  44. politics
    A Gas-Tax Holiday Isn’t Great Policy. Democrats Should Do It Anyway.Right now, trying to avoid a midterm disaster takes precedence over everything else.
  45. foreign interests
    The Emerging Path to Peace in UkraineAs its losses mount, Russia has moderated its demands and signaled openness to a compromise backed by the west.
  46. ukraine
    Zelenskyy Invokes Pearl Harbor and 9/11 in Impassioned Speech to CongressAs he urged lawmakers to send more aid, the Ukrainian president cast his country’s battle against Russia as existential for the West.
  47. ukraine
    Two More Journalists Killed in Ukraine, Including Fox News CameramanFox News cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski and Ukrainian journalist Oleksandra Kuvshynova were killed while working near Kyiv.
  48. foreign interests
    Why China Probably Won’t Send Military Aid to RussiaBeijing has an interest in helping Putin — in ways that don’t expose it to the threat of western sanctions.
  49. ukraine
    Russian State-TV Employee Yells ‘No War’ on Live News BroadcastMarina Ovsyannikova told Channel One viewers not to believe the “propaganda” on Russian TV. She was fined and released, but may face more charges.
  50. ukraine
    Putin Retaliates by Blocking Biden Family Vacations to MoscowRussia announced toothless sanctions against President Biden, his son, and others on Tuesday.
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