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Unemployment Benefits

  1. the national interest
    How Democrats Can Force Republicans to Help the UnemployedRepublicans hate helping the jobless, but they do like giving cash to farmers.
  2. battleground states
    Long-Term Unemployment Benefits Ending Early in Some Battleground StatesNinety-nine weeks of unemployment is a thing of the past.
  3. cable news
    Talk Box: Independents Are Just Waiting to Be TriangulatedCable news pundits examine the possibilities of the coming partisan standoff over extending unemployment benefits.
  4. crime
    A Killer Summer in New York CityRemember when the murder rate was heading toward zero?
  5. funemployment
    Lazy Jobless Swimming in Endless Amount of Cash Once MoreThe Senate passed an emergency extension of unemployment benefits today.
  6. the greatest depression
    New York Gets Bonus Unemployment Benefits for Being Really UnemployedTo keep over one million Americans from losing unemployment benefits, the senate voted unanimously to pass legislation extending benefits across the country.