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Unemployment Rate

  1. the vast left-wing conspiracy
    Labor Dept. May Delay Unemployment NumbersLet the conspiracies begin. 
  2. the vast left-wing conspiracy
    Jack Welch Takes Unemployment Conspiracy Theory to the WSJ Op-Ed PageJust as he’d do in Soviet Russia.
  3. the vast left-wing conspiracy
    Jack Welch Would Like to Make a Slight Change to His Unemployment Rate TweetPunctuation is important.
  4. the vast left-wing conspiracy
    Jack Welch Just Doesn’t Feel Right“Does it feel like a 6 percent improvement in employment in the last 60 days?”
  5. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Promises to Have Almost No Effect on the Unemployment RateSix percent by the end of his first term is not very impressive.
  6. jobs jobs jobs
    Let’s All Take a Moment to Bask in Our New, Relatively Low Unemployment Rate!Just a moment though.
  7. jobs jobs jobs
    Hiring Slows Even Further, Unemployment Rises to 9.2 PercentThat’s up from 9.1 percent last month.
  8. jobs jobs jobs
    Unemployment Rate Hits Two-Year LowIt’s now at 8.8 percent.
  9. early and often
    Economists Predict Unemployment Rate on Election Day Will Be 7.7 PercentToo damn high?
  10. the greatest recession
    Unemployment Rate Falls Below 9 PercentHooray!
  11. grim things
    New York Unemployment Rate Worse Than It Has Been in a Long TimeNot even Melba Toast factories are safe.
  12. grim things
    Joblessness Spreads in New YorkIt’s even hard to get a gig cleaning toilets.
  13. the greatest depression
    New York Gets Bonus Unemployment Benefits for Being Really UnemployedTo keep over one million Americans from losing unemployment benefits, the senate voted unanimously to pass legislation extending benefits across the country.