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  1. bitter end
    How Manhattan’s City Bakery Crumbled Under Weight of DebtsWhile doing brisk business in sweet treats, the Union Square institution was embroiled in high-cost borrowing from an industry under state probe.
  2. select all
    Instagram Model Tinder-Scams Dozens of Men Into Competing for a DateThe model, Natasha Aponte, told each man that they were meeting for a drink. When the men arrived, they discovered the truth.
  3. gross things
    Man Arrested for Taking Up-Skirt Video in Union Square Subway StationHave a vigilant spring, ladies.
  4. stand clear of the closing doors
    Man Run Over by Subway Is Completely FineHe only bruised his hand.
  5. sad things
    Skateboarder Killed by Truck Near Union SquareEyewitness accounts vary, but no criminality is suspected.
  6. neighborhood news
    Union Square Is Getting a Zip Line for SummerWhat could go wrong?
  7. crimes and misdemeanors
    Union Square’s ‘Methadone Alley’ Is Back, Complete With Police CrackdownThe rites of spring.
  8. occupy everywhere
    What Comes After May Day for Occupy Wall Street?May 1 brought big crowds and good vibes, but no obvious path forward.
  9. occupy everywhere
    Occupy Wall Street Figured Out How to Have SleepoversProtesters slept outside legally around Union Square last night.
  10. occupy wall street
    Trayvon Martin’s Parents Will Attend the Million Hoodie March in NYCThe 17-year-old’s mother and father will join Occupy Wall Street tonight.
  11. crimes and misdemeanors
    Chase ATMs in Union Square, Astor Place Were CompromisedBy tourists.
  12. neighborhood news
    Union Square Is a ‘Lawless City Within a City’Apparently, it’s worse than ever out on 14th Street.
  13. fears come true
    Man Falls Between Subway and Platform in Union Square, Gets Pinned by HydraulicsThis is an awful nightmare come true.
  14. the future is coming
    The Flatiron District and Union Square Are Crawling With Venture CapitalistsAt least at lunchtime.
  15. bomb scares
    ‘Suspicious Vehicle’ Investigated Near Union Square (Updated)Nearby buildings have been evacuated.
  16. crazy kids
    Yesterday the World United to Pillow FightA bunch of people beat each other with pillows in Union Square.
  17. stand clear of the closing doors
    There Will Be Escalators Again in the Union Square Subway Station!You have to hang on to the little victories.
  18. neighborhood news
    Sweet Relief! Public Toilets in Union Square Are ImminentThe city is skimping on some projects, but at least they’re leaving us our toilets.
  19. twenty-person poll
    What New Yorkers Are Thinking About the Greatest Depression: It Won’t Be Too Bad!We talked to twenty strangers in Union Square to see how they felt the economy was going to affect them. They were optimistic! (And CUTE.)
  20. neighborhood watch
    The Long Arm of the Law Even Reaches Into Subway BathroomsGetting all colonial in Union Square, watching crabs rut in Marine Park, letting go of fancy F-train plans in the Slope, and busting the gays in Forest Hills. All that and more in our week’s-end boroughs report.
  21. neighborhood watch
    You, Too, Could Pay Millions to Live in Courtney Love’s Former SqualorThe ghost of Courtney Love in Soho, Reverend Billy making a racket in Union Square Park, and midwestern moms fondling stylish butt plugs in the Village! All in one city! All in our daily boroughs report.
  22. neighborhood watch
    Hipster Influx Already Affecting Bushwick Community BoardRoosevelt Island may not get its ferry so soon, the Rockaways may get a $19 mil library … and Union Square Park–goers will still get free hugs! Even more gets in our daily boroughs report.
  23. neighborhood watch
    Brighton Beach Baths: Too Good for Manhattanites?Is the city really dumping trash in a Ridgewood wetland? How could we have missed the Sinatra tribute in Williamsburg? And how would you get by without your daily boroughs report?
  24. company town
    Bedbugs: A New Reason Not to Camp Out in Union SquarePlus, trouble for UBS, victory for Stephen Colbert, and one or the other for anyone who took the bar last time around, in our daily industry roundup.
  25. neighborhood watch
    Don’t Fear the River, Lower East Siders!Escalator vigilantes in Union Square, riverside Ping-Pong for the LES, and (gasp) a “sick” dog run in the Slope. Yep, it’s Freaky Friday in our daily boroughs report.
  26. neighborhood watch
    Tompkins Square Park Faces Off Against the QuietWho’s stealing the big bronze bells of Woodside? That and other burning questions in our daily report from the hoods.
  27. neighborhood watch
    Stuy Town Residents Finally Get to Have Puppies!Cuddly, scrumptious puppies! The people who live there must be so happy! Or not: “We will now have sidewalks like the rest of the city with puddles of urine and smears of dog poop,” grumbles one. All this and more in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  28. early and often
    Video: New York Women on Hillary Clinton Is a vote for Hillary Clinton an act of feminism? Should she have cried? Is it more important to have the first black man or the first woman president? These are the kinds of questions that Democratic-primary voters have been asking themselves during the most riveting election season in decades. According to a recent New York Times/CBS News poll, women are evenly split between Clinton and opponent Barack Obama. More women than men also believe that the media is tougher on Clinton than on her male opponents. But what do New York women think? We put these questions to several of them in Union Square yesterday and found that Clinton cannot take even her constituents’ votes for granted. Watch the video.
  29. neighborhood watch
    Cobble Hill May Remain Without a Trader Joe’s After AllBedford-Stuyvesant: SpongeBob SquarePants, a Care Bear, a tiny Santa, and various scary baby dollies gathered here recently for an alfresco forum on gentrification and its effect on the area’s creepy marginalized toy population. [Curbed] Cobble Hill: A rumor’s out there that Trader Joe’s is not coming here after all. Cobblers may have to keep schlepping their little sustainable satchels to Union Square for that red eggplant stuff. [Cobble Hill Blog] Crown Heights: The Lubavitchers are building more housing here to accommodate all their babies, but some sources say they’re having fewer kids all around, from eight to ten per family to a streamlined, downright Euro-chic six. [Brownstoner]
  30. neighborhood watch
    Brooklyn Heights Is Fighting the War on RatsBrooklyn Heights: The rats here are getting bigger and bolder, and the normally peaceful residents have taken to fighting back with machetes and water hoses. [Brooklyn Paper] Chelsea: From 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. through Sunday, you can shop for cool old magazines and comics at Time Machine and simultaneously get drunk at their holiday open bar. [Vanishing New York] Red Hook: A sliver-thin waterfront greenway is going up that will run all the way to Greenpoint. Rad! [OnNYTurf]
  31. neighborhood watch
    Flatbush Enters the Food Co-op FrayChelsea: The proliferation of noncontextual glass condos is driving area high schoolers to stab one another in front of the construction sites. [Vanishing New York] Flatbush: Watch your back, Park Slope Food Co-op. The one here is moving into an old Associated market, and they’ve poached a Trader Joe’s staffer to be their produce czar. [Ditmas Park Blog] Jackson Heights: Wow, the scrappy hood beat out Manhattan’s newly hot financial district in Curbed’s Best Nabe of ‘07 competition. Now, can it trounce — gulp — Tribeca? [Curbed]
  32. neighborhood watch
    Battery Park, Do We Need More of It?Battery Park City: Should the hood, itself built on landfill, be extended out into the Hudson with more landfill? The local community board says, “No, no, no!” [CityRealty] Bedford-Stuyvesant: Herewith, twenty reasons to love the hood’s hated-on, not-so-trendy north side. (“11. The selection of current bootleg DVDs at the laundromat.” Can’t argue with that.) [Bed-Stuy Banana] Downtown Brooklyn: One of those sleek, new bus shelters has been smashed to pieces … again! [McBrooklyn]
  33. in other news
    Halloween Actually Scary for Once in Union SquareGood morning, everybody! A little hung-over today? Have a rough night? Bet you went to a bunch of parties. Wandered around insufficiently dressed for the weather, drank beer at one party and cocktails at another. You were kind of a mess, huh? That sucks. But you know what? You could have been shot in gang crossfire while eating at McDonald’s. Yeah, that’s right. That’s what happened to four Halloween revelers in Union Square early in the morning today. And one woman got stabbed. Fortunately, no one was fatally wounded. All of the victims were between 18 and 21, which basically means they were probably dressed-up NYU students with the munchies after a long night of frolicking. They woke up this morning at Bellevue Hospital where they are recovering from their injuries. So, yeah. Wow. Wait, what were you saying about your hangover again? Horror on Halloween As Brawl Breaks Out in Union Square [7 Online]
  34. video look book
    According to This Guy, We Should All Wear Suspenders Painter and cater-waiter Mark Diruzza entered the Pratt Institute with a nose ring and a mohawk and now wears suspenders to class at the Borough of Manhattan Community College. Can Diruzza persuade you to forgo your belt for braces? He makes a compelling argument to New York’s Amy Larocca in this week’s Video Look Book. Mark Diruzza [Video Look Book]
  35. video look book
    Learning From Our Fashion Elders in Union Square Sculptor and jewelry designer Gisela von Eicken is a hat person, but what she really loves is a flattering silhouette. New York’s Amy Larocca found Von Eicken near Union Square recently and learned an important truth: “When you’re 74, you can still be stylish.” Gisela Von Eicken [Video Look Book]
  36. neighborhood watch
    The Gays Have Found Forest Hills — or Maybe NotBoerum Hill: Prudential Douglas Elliman is pissed at bloggers who write about how their Brooklyn properties won’t sell. Good, because we’re pissed at all brokers for taking our money and only showing us “studios with a nook.” [Brownstoner] Chelsea: All that construction at the General Theological Seminary on Tenth Avenue is for a “Geothermic Well Field.” Great Scott! [Blog Chelsea] Forest Hills: Gays in the Hills! “Or maybe more straight guys are wearing Abcrombie [sic] andFitch t-shirts and walking tiny dogs with their male friends.” [Forest Hills 72] Lower Manhattan: Curbed has hot pics (literally) of the destruction of a T.G.I. Friday’s downtown, to make way for the Fulton Street Transit Center. TGIF indeed! [Curbed] Union Square: If you need $100 a month, why not let this Internet wunderkind hang out in your apartment sometimes? [Zach Klein] West Village: Gothamist gathers all the info on one of our New York real-estate obsessions, the Northern Dispensary Building. [Gothamist]
  37. neighborhood watch
    From PJs to Condos in Fort Greene?Brooklyn Heights: No parking at Love Lane Garage anymore. [Brooklyn Daily Eagle via Brooklyn Heights Blog] Bushwick: Can the neighborhood regain its status as the city’s brewing capital? [BushwickBK] Chelsea: Chelsea Hotel residents are looking for any souvenirs or ephemera from the sixties, seventies, or eighties. [Hotel Chelsea Blog] Fort Greene: Will the Ingersoll Houses go co-op? [Brownstoner] Long Island City: If the post office is confused, you might get mail addressed to “ASSLIC.” [Manhattan Offender] Red Hook: Turns out the 9th Street feral dogs begat the Revere Sugar feral dogs. And now there’s only one left. [Gowanus Lounge] Union Square: Smokers are reduced to sitting on garbage bags. The indignity! [Clean NYC Now]
  38. neighborhood watch
    Cue the Violins in Park Slope and KensingtonConey Island: The clowns have been sent. Cole Brothers Circus is on the old go-kart tracks through August 5. [Gowanus Lounge] East Village: Duane Reade finally has Harry Potter. There’s no need to go without. [East Village Idiot] Jackson Heights: Mayor Bloomberg runs afoul of locals complaining about traffic, noise, and sanitation gripes. [FoxNews via QueensCrap] Kensington: Talk about a virtual inferiority complex: Locals here lament that their Wikipedia page is not as nice as Park Slope’s. Cue violins, please. [KensingtonBlog] Park Slope: Whine of the Day from the Slope set? “Why did they reduce driving hours in Central Park and not our park? Whaaa!” [Gowanus Lounge] Union Square: Beware the hordes of student filmmakers in the park today. [The Weblicist of Manhattan] Williamsburg: White middle-class preservationists faced off against nonwhite low-income affordable-housing proponents at a hearing over the future use of the Domino sugar factory. [Brownstoner]
  39. photo op
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Crowds Harry Potter fans thronged the Union Square Barnes & Noble Friday night, in advance of the 12:01 a.m. Saturday release of the seventh and final book in the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Is it just us, or is it starting to seem like New Yorkers spend all their free time these days waiting on line to buy things? Feh. The Scene at Harry Potter Midnight Madness, Union Square [Vulture]
  40. video look book
    They Did Say ‘The Music Never Stopped’ Strolling through Union Square recently, Amy Larocca ran into writer and Dead Head Deana Bianco. In lieu of seeing her favorite band play, Bianco listens to them daily. “There’s no more Dead shows, there’s no more Phish shows, but it’s all cool ‘cause it’s in the soul,” she says. Sporting a vintage dress from the seventies, purple tights, and moccasins, Bianco retains her Colorado roots with the help of a tattoo. See what helps “keep the mountains” on her by watching this week’s Video Look Book. Deana Bianco [Video Look Book]
  41. video look book
    When Hairstyles Are a Joke The Video Look Book went to Union Square this week and found AV librarian Aliisa Lahti sporting a brand-new T-shirt. Her haircut “kind of just happened,” Lahti says, and then she started to grow the rat tail as a joke. “Lots of times people assume that I’m a lesbian or that I’m some crazy punk kid,” she says. “Neither of those things are true.” Aliisa Lahti [Video Look Book]
  42. the follow-up
    The Very Models of a Modern Iraq Protester It wasn’t just little kids and aging hippies at the Iraq protest in Union Square last night. We even saw our favorite male models, Video Look Book veterans and childhood pals John Jones (left) and Khale Unger. Entering further into the realm of life imitating Zoolander, Jones and Unger wore coordinated outfits to the event. Who knew political demonstrations could be so fashionable? John Jones and Khale Unger [Video Look Book] Earlier: All They Are Saying…
  43. video look book
    How to Dress for Your Next Poetry Performance In this week’s Video Look Book, performance poet Aja-Monet Bacquie likes to make sure she feels good in her own skin. In a long white dress, maroon high-tops, and a beaded necklace she bought in Chinatown, Bacquie leads a group of substance-abuse patients from Odyssey House in Union Square. “It’s one venue at which somebody can articulate their emotions,” she says, “or even how they feel the world has made them a beautiful person.” Aja-Monet Bacquie [Video Look Book]
  44. vu.
    Move to Union Square, and Everything’s at Your DoorstepPeace and quiet far from the maddening crowd — who needs that? For some, being right in the heart of everything is precisely the point of living in Manhattan. In Union Square, going shopping — and we mean shopping — requires just walking out your building’s front door. You’ll never want for great dining (Union Square Café, Eleven Madison Park, Tocqueville), and if you’re inspired to cook, the Greenmarket — with its fresh-baked breads, biodynamic yogurt and cheese, and organic greens — is open four days a week. Housing in the immediate vicinity is made up mostly of prewars and tenement-style buildings, but, like everywhere else in the city, new-construction condos are inevitably available, too. After the jump, a list of open houses to squeeze into your schedule this weekend — that is, if there’s still time after model-watching at Coffee Shop, kohlrabi-haggling at the market, and denim-shopping at Diesel. —S. Jhoanna Robledo
  45. developing
    Union Square Rehab: No Year-Round Restaurant It is, finally, just the sort of weather that makes a vigorous young New Yorker want to frolic — or at least eat and drink — in the great outdoors. Like, for example, at that bar-and-restaurant place inside Union Square. (It’s technically called Luna Park.) But wasn’t the city planning to do some renovation at the north end of the park, something with that restaurant? Indeed, and yesterday Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe caught us up on the planning. In 2004, he announced plans to complete the Square’s beautification by joining the park’s two playgrounds and creating a year-round eatery where that weird fortresslike structure now stands, near 17th Street. But after local sputtering, Benepe confirmed to us, Parks has ditched the controversial year-round part.
  46. photo op
    Pillow Fight! Hundreds of pillow-wielding kids descended on Union Square Saturday afternoon for a fluff battle of epic proportions, and nearly as many came wielding cameras, to record the event for history, or for their photo blogs. “Like, wow,” said one combatant exiting the fray, “this must have been what the Crusades were like.” Um, yeah. —Everett Bogue
  47. in other news
    Use the N/R, Luke, Use the N/RSometimes feel like you’re battling intergalactic evil as you rush through the Union Square subway station? Seems there’s a good reason for it: The I-Beams in the station exactly mimic the first stage of the Death Star level in the old Star Wars arcade game. This dorky observation is made cinematic at the blog Ironic Sans (to which the Morning News pointed us yesterday). There’s a short film to demonstrate, complete with accompanying computer graphics. Interestingly, Leia’s gold bikini seems to have been replaced by a very attractive garbage can. I See the Death Star [Ironic Sans via The Morning News]
  48. photo op
    Walking in a Winter Wonderland We’re as confused as this dog is: Snow? In Union Square? Today? (Hell, at all this winter?) It can’t be! Actually, it can. Apparently, the world’s top snowboarders are converging on Union Square at three o’clock this afternoon for a Jeep-sponsored competition. They’ll “participate in a rail jam format on a customized urban rail,” whatever that means, and the winner gets $30,000. But first, the snow. We’ve got none this year, or at least none to speak of, so it’s all been trucked in. Ten tons of the white stuff, says NY1. Which, once Fido has his way with it, will be yellow stuff. Union Square Street Sessions [Snowboard-mag.com] Snowboarders Launch Winter Jam 2007 [NY1]
  49. video look book
    Tess Lindgren Bought Her Jacket in Northern Minnesota Tess Lindgren is a Parsons student who lives on Union Square, listens to “strange avant-garde music,” and makes most of her own clothes. “Someone told me,” she says, “that how I look every day, I looked like I was attacked by my wardrobe.” She’s this week’s Video Look Book. Tess Lindgren [Video Look Book]
  50. neighborhood watch
    Coney Island Goes to the Jocks Carroll Gardens: Starting in February, you can find Smith and Vine at its new location, 268 Smith Street. [A Brooklyn Life] Chelsea: How should the lovely General Theological Seminary develop its property at 175 Ninth Avenue? Comment at the community-board meeting tonight. [Living With Legends] Clinton Hill: Want to open a wine shop? Cheese shop? Coffee shop? Bookshop? There’s some retail space available on Greene Avenue. [Clinton Hill Blog] Coney Island: It’s nice to see new stuff on the beach (above), but why is it always fitness related? [Kinetic Carnival] Union Square: It doesn’t matter that she can’t really sing. When Neysa belts out old Madonna songs on the L-train platform, people bob their heads and smile. [Gridskipper] Williamsburg: Hipster music mecca McCarren Pool among roster of city pools to be considered next week at public hearing for landmark status. Beirut and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, step up and testify! [Gowanus Lounge]
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