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United Arab Emirates

  1. foreign policy
    The U.S. Has Blood on Its Hands in Yemen, and Can’t Wash It OffMattis’s threat to reduce support for Saudi-led bombings rings hollow in light of the Trump administration’s broader stance on Mideast arms sales.
  2. explainers
    Beyond Russia: Understanding the New Trump Campaign Collusion StoryEverything we know about the newly revealed Trump Tower meeting, the alleged collusion offer from a Gulf State emissary, and what it all might mean.
  3. russia probe
    Why an Emirates Adviser’s Cooperation With Mueller May Be Terrible for TrumpGeorge Nader became close with several Trump advisers, and was present at two meetings that raised concerns about their foreign contacts.
  4. The U.A.E.’s Ambassador to the U.S. Is a Very Powerful ‘Filthbag’He’s also good friends with Jared Kushner.
  5. Report: UAE Orchestrated Qatar Feud by Spreading Fake NewsIn supporting the blockade of Qatar, the president appears to have fallen for a fraud perpetrated by hackers in the United Arab Emirates.
  6. fracking
    Gulf Oil Emirs Are Bankrolling Matt Damon’s Anti-Fracking FilmLooks like yes.
  7. revolt like an egyptian
    Bahrain Might Be the Next Place We Have to Worry AboutSaudi troops have moved in, Iran could get involved, and a state of emergency has been declared. Does America even have the capacity to pay attention?
  8. technology
    UAE Places Ban on BlackBerry UseSaudi Arabia may be next.
  9. the seventh borough
    United Arab Emirates Bans Paper for Running Funny PhotoshopHow seriously can we take Dubai if they pout about an everyday News Corp. Photoshop of their leader?