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United We Sit

  1. united we sit
    Congress Losing Interest in Bipartisan SeatingNot as many people are bringing “dates” from across the aisle to the State of the Union this year.
  2. united we sit
    If Congress Goes Back to Prom Seating, Do They Have to Take the Same Dates?If not, things could get messy.
  3. united we sit
    Why Is Obama So Unimpressed With America?Oh, wait. He isn’t, at all. Pay attention, John Boehner.
  4. united we sit
    President Obama Talk Pretty One DayBut for now, he’s talking to America as he would an eighth-grader.
  5. united we sit
    Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson Continues the War on Partisan SeatingHe wants both parties to sit together all the time.
  6. united we sit
    A Single Clap for Natural GasOne dude shows his love at the State of the Union.
  7. what other people think
    What People Didn’t Like About Obama’s State of the Union AddressWhere was climate change? Can you take the deficit a bit more seriously? Also, some specifics would be nice.
  8. united we sit
    Georgia Congressman Paul Broun Tweeted This During the State of the Union“You don’t believe in the Constitution.”
  9. united we sit
    All America Heard Last Night: ‘Salmon’Obama’s corny joke dominated everything else he said.
  10. united we sit
    Watch the State of the Union in Four MinutesUnrealizable goals! Veto threats! Salmon! It’s all there.
  11. united we sit
    The State of the Union in NumbersTen specific proposals, four jokes, one line clearly meant to make John Boehner cry, and much more.
  12. united we sit
    State of the Union Regresses From High School to Nursery SchoolA senator confirmed that the opposing party does not have cooties.
  13. what other people think
    Advice for President Obama’s State of the UnionHow does he convince spending-wary America that investment is not an evil thing? How upbeat can he be about the economic recovery without seeming out of touch? Should he be bold and inspiring, or just settle for good enough?
  14. united we sit
    Justice Samuel Alito Will Be in Hawaii TonightAs far away from the State of the Union as he can get.
  15. united we sit
    Two Hottest Senators Just Happen to Decide to Sit Together at the State of the UnionKirsten Gillibrand and John Thune are the hot senators of which we speak.
  16. united we sit
    Paul Ryan Will Give the GOP’s State of the Union RebuttalHe’s known as a serious budget wonk.
  17. united we sit
    Why Democrats and Republicans Shouldn’t Sit Together at the State of the UnionOne proposal would have Democrats and Republican sit next to one another. That would be a mistake.