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University Of Pennsylvania

  1. early and often
    Someone Asked Newt Gingrich About All Those Affairs He’s HadNice.
  2. not sex diaries
    The Silent But Extremely Horny Penn StudentThe University of Pennsylvania has started its own version of our famed Sex Diaries columns.
  3. whither gop?
    Mark Sanford Has the Soul of a PoetA linguistics professor finds the governor’s public statements contain some impressive literary allusions.
  4. live from the sixth borough
    Prized New York Book Collection Snagged by PhillyTruman Capote would not approve.
  5. in other news
    Donny Deutsch Takes His Shirt Off Again, Says He Could Run for MayorThe ‘Big Idea’ host gets kind of eviscerated in a profile — in his own alumni magazine!