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  1. unreal estate
    Broker Scores $13 Million Deal Using Only Social Media [UPDATED]Sight unseen.
  2. the most important people in the world
    The Best Dirt From 15 Central Park WestFrom the author Michael Gross’s new book on the behemoth condo building.
  3. unreal estate
    Insane Hamptons Summer Rentals Hit the Million-Dollar MarkFor the season!
  4. unreal estate
    $10 Million Tribeca Maisonette Comes With Original Keith Haring MuralThe mural was unearthed during renovations.
  5. Four-Bedroom Bushwick Buspartment Available for $8,000 on CraigslistAlso has a toilet. 
  6. unreal estate
    There’s a Castle for Sale in the BronxPrepare for the De Blasio era. 
  7. unreal estate
    You Would Never Guess That This Is a House in BrooklynAnd it’s for sale!
  8. other romneys
    Craig Romney Has a Giant Indoor Slide in His HouseThe Romneys are the best. 
  9. unreal estate
    Fame Slept Here: William Randolph Hearst’s Stately Park Avenue Home for SaleA stately apartment in the Ritz Tower. 
  10. unreal estate
    Anyone Want an Apartment With a 22-Foot-Tall Waterfall?The so-called “Waterfall Mansion” can be yours for $39 million. 
  11. unreal estate
    City’s Narrowest Townhouse Sells for $3.25 MillionIt’s 9.5 feet wide. 
  12. unreal estate
    100-Square-Foot Harlem Apartment Can Be Yours for $1,275 a MonthRun, don’t walk! 
  13. unreal estate
    A Very Shiny Skyscraper Is Melting Everything in London With Its GlareEverything = two things so far. 
  14. unreal estate
    Cobble Hill Couple Showers in Full View of NeighborsThat’s what happens when your giant glass shower is visible from the back of your townhouse. 
  15. unreal estate
    Man Pays $1 a Month for Two-Bedroom Harlem ApartmentEveryone go ahead and hate this man. 
  16. unreal estate
    Brooklyn Man Lives in a Dumpster, and It’s Kind of Nice!It has as many amenities as most normal apartments. 
  17. people who have more money than you
    Inside Google Chairman Eric Schmidt’s Lavish Sex PalaceSchmidt reportedly brings ladies back to this $15 million pad. 
  18. unreal estate
    Park Avenue Condo’s Expensive Servants QuartersAnyone want a $3 million studio?
  19. unreal estate
    We Already Know Who the Worst Person in NYU’s Class of 2032 Will BeThe two-year-old who now has its own One57 condo.
  20. unreal estate
    Four-Story Lower Manhattan Apartment Contains 80-Foot SlideWatch a video about it.
  21. unreal estate
    Billionaire Tenants of One57 May Get Affordable-Housing Tax BreaksHuh.
  22. unreal estate
    Man Removing Slide From East Village ApartmentNoooo!
  23. unreal estate
    Is This $100 Million Penthouse Really the City’s Most Expensive Apartment Ever?Not on a per-square-foot cost.
  24. unreal estate
    Swindler’s Fire Sale on Brooke Astor’s Park Avenue DuplexFrom $46 million down to the “high teens.”
  25. unreal estate
    Brooke Astor’s Park Avenue Palace Discounted Yet AgainNow it’s only $24.9 million!