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Up Like Trump?

  1. up like trump?
    Trump Backs Out of Commitments to Torture, CPAC “It is clear that as president I will be bound by laws just like all Americans.”
  2. up like trump?
    Trump Not-So-Subtly Threatens Independent Run AgainThe RNC “better get its act together,” or else!
  3. up like trump?
    Donald Trump Doesn’t Want Your $400,000He vowed to refuse the presidential salary if given the opportunity.
  4. up like trump?
    Trump Stops Terrorizing GOP With Threat of Independent Run [Updated]For now, anyway.
  5. up like trump?
    Supporter Confirms Authenticity of Trump’s Flaxen Head WispsCongratulations, Donald.
  6. up like trump?
    Classy Donald Trump Does Huge Civic DutyHe reported for jury duty on Monday morning.
  7. up like trump?
    Donald Trump ‘Cherishes’ Women, You ‘Deviants’Trump appeared on four Sunday shows to discuss his comments about Megyn Kelly and her blood.
  8. up like trump?
    At Least One Federal Agency Now Considers ‘Donald Trump’ an Offensive Term The FAA will rename three navigation points named after him.