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  1. 7 Things We Learned From the FEC Data MapLots of Bernie supporters, but way less money going to him from New York than you might think.
  2. super-rich city
    There Are More Manhattan Apartments for Rent Over $15,000 Than Below $2,000Get super rich or get out.
  3. neighborhood news
    NYU Now Fighting With Neighbors UptownJust for a change of scenery.
  4. crimes and misdemeanors
    Man in Underwear Steals Bread Truck, Delivers BreadIt could’ve been worse.
  5. very sad things
    School Bus Carrying Children Kills Woman on Upper East SideA gruesome scene at yet another pedestrian death.
  6. crimes and misdemeanors
    Thief Stole $54,000 in Jewelry From Upper East Side Store That Beyoncé LikesAfter tying an employee up in the back.
  7. de mayor
    De Blasio to Personally Shield Upper East Side From Snow Using His Giant Body(Not quite, but almost.)
  8. bill de blasio’s new york
    Upper East Side, NY Post Bully De BlasioThey’re complaining again.
  9. bill de blasio’s new york
    Mayor De Blasio Visited the Snow-Torn Upper East Side to See the Carnage HimselfPreventing all-out class war, he admitted “more could have been done” for the neighborhood.
  10. bill de blasio’s new york
    De Blasio Family Ditching Brooklyn for Gracie Mansion, Which Has Its PerksDante’s commute to high school just got a lot longer.
  11. Posters for Rochelle Rochelle Spotted on UESThey’ll be talking about this one from Milan to Minsk. 
  12. school daze
    Upper East Side Catholic School Dean Arrested for Heroin PossessionHe was discovered asleep in a Nissan.
  13. puppies!!!!!!
    Upper East Siders Giving Dogs Tramp-StampsThey are temporary — and cost $100.
  14. neighborhood news
    Upper East Siders Suggest Ugly Street Vendors Learn to MatchThe furniture is apparently an eyesore.
  15. accidents
    Two People Hit by Cars on the Upper East Side Within Two Hours The FDR is not a good place to walk.
  16. crimes and misdemeanors
    Man Accused of Beating Asian People Hunted Down on Bus to TexasThe Upper East Side is now safer.
  17. crimes and misdemeanors
    Upper East Side Trash Cans Are GoldminesFor identity theft.
  18. bachelors
    UES Trust-Fund Hoarder Still SingleInterested parties can find him on East 64th Street.
  19. white women with money
    Upper East Side Craigslist Mom Got That Book Deal After AllRebecca Land Soodak has it all figured out.
  20. Who Will Win the Great Garbage Fight of 2012?Williamsburg vs. UES.
  21. crimes and misdemeanors
    Upper East Side ‘Mommy Madam’ Also Specialized in PigsAn instant tabloid classic.
  22. crimes and misdemeanors
    Suburban Mother of Four Busted for Upper East Side BrothelAnna Gristina says she made millions in fifteen years as a madam.
  23. white women with money
    Erotic Novel Goes Viral on the Upper East SideSo sayeth the Post.
  24. bored people
    Wacky Restaurant Serves Meals on Saddam Hussein’s Old PlatesThe Upper East Side goes rogue.
  25. neighborhood news
    Americans With Disabilities Act Threatens Tranquil BrownstonesGood morning, Upper East Siders.
  26. school daze
    Mom Suing Preschool Has Case DismissedNo refunds means no refunds.
  27. been caught stealing
    Shoplifting Mom Swears She Didn’t Mean ToMilk, Red Bull, and beer!
  28. vu.
    Faye Dunaway Does Not Appreciate Your Insinuation That She Is Being EvictedShe can’t be evicted from her apartment because she doesn’t LIVE there, duh.
  29. vu.
    Faye Dunaway Facing Eviction From Rent-Stabilized Upper East Side ApartmentThere’s something else about the movie star you should know.
  30. terrorists of the sky
    The Flewgitive Returns to CaptivityOur minutes of terror are finally over.
  31. neighborhood news
    Lately, the Upper East Side Seems to Be the Gropiest Neighborhood in ManhattanThe latest incident was this morning in Central Park.
  32. class warfare
    Upper East Siders Want to Keep the Trash OutResidents don’t want the city to reactivate a waste-transfer station.
  33. awful things
    Man Sexually Assaults, Robs 85-Year-Old Woman on the Upper East SideYep, this story is exactly as awful as you suspect.
  34. penny-pinchers
    The New Austerity Is Not Using a Broker to Sell Your $47 Million UES TownhouseThe super rich — they’re just like us!
  35. vu.
    Pretty, Big-Cheeked Blonde Sells Apartment to Younger, Pretty Big-Cheeked BlondeLeelee Sobieski is going to be so pleased with the face-slimming mirrors Renée Zellweger installed!
  36. school daze
    Mom Sues Upper East Side Preschool for Ruining Her Daughter’s Chances at the Ivy LeagueOf course.
  37. the porn identity
    Tony Upper East Side Private School Learns Important Pornography LessonIt’s not the kids who are downloading all that junk.
  38. vu.
    Elaine Kaufman’s Apartment Is on the MarketIts price tag is just under $3 million.
  39. bon mots
    John Mayer Tries to Top ‘Sexual Napalm’ Line on the Upper East SideJohn Mayer, fortune teller.
  40. unreal estate
    Swindler’s Fire Sale on Brooke Astor’s Park Avenue DuplexFrom $46 million down to the “high teens.”
  41. walk-through
    Walk-Through: Combined Nineteenth-Century Carriage House and FirehouseAnd it’s less expensive than you might think!
  42. election hangover
    Upper East Siders Are Very Giving PeopleOut of all the zip codes in the country, 10021 donated the most money to political campaigns this year.
  43. the most important people in the world
    Former New York Firefighter Busted for Stalking Madonna“The Universe brought us together!”
  44. vu.
    Carlos Slim Buys Fifth Avenue Mansion Across From MetYes, people actually live in those houses. Well, one of them, at least.
  45. neighborhood news
    City Finally Installs Crossing Signals on Park Avenue Above Grand CentralThis might just change somebody’s life for the better.
  46. the hard sell
    Phallic Sculptures and Other Ways to Torture Your Real-Estate Agent“Our client was screaming that this was her blood work and if a buyer doesn’t get it then they can forget it!”
  47. neighborhood news
    Cops Prevent Suicide on Upper East SideA woman on 85th Street was halfway out the window before cops convinced her to come back inside.
  48. bons mots
    New York Mom Passes Down Homespun WisdomOr maybe we ought to say ‘penthouse-spun’ wisdom.
  49. the greatest depression
    Elitist Cab Stand: Model of Economic Salvation, DoomAlso: How come the Upper East Side gets a taxi stand and nobody else does?
  50. neighborhood news
    City to Reopen P.S. 151This should go some way toward calming parents … for a little while.
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