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  1. cityscape
    New York City Is Still a Disaster for the DisabledOld infrastructure and grudging compliance add up to only moderate progress toward accessibility.
  2. the master remembered
    From 2017, a Portrait of I. M. Pei at (Nearly) 100Having conquered modernism, he moved beyond it to etch his legacy into the past century.
  3. urban design
    Hunter’s Point South: NYC’s Newest Park Redeems a WastelandHunter’s Point South furnishes us huddled masses with a romantic, poetic landscape, full of choreographed surprises.
  4. urban planning
    A Year Has Passed Since the Grenfell Tower Fire. It Could Happen Again Anytime.This was murder by negligent bureaucracy. Preventing the next one begins with stronger regulation.
  5. urban design
    What’s Going Into the Shed? A Tiny Preview of Hudson Yards’ Arts OfferingA mini-shed near the actual Shed contains a sample of what’s to come.
  6. urban planning
    Why You Should Be in Favor of Congestion Pricing in New YorkYes, it’s annoying to be taxed for something that always appeared to be free. Get over it.
  7. the city
    What Is a City Street? And What Will It Become?Fewer cars, some of them driverless, and more space for everything else.
  8. infrastructure
    Bill de Blasio, New York’s Putterer-in-ChiefA mayor who contents himself with piling up small achievements instead of making sweeping change.
  9. Precisely Why Is Bodega, the Start-up, Such a Terrible Idea?It is anti-city, anti-sharing, anti-kitteh.
  10. encounter
    Surveying Post-Bloomberg New York With Sidewalk Labs CEO Dan DoctoroffThe self-described “creature of the suburbs” helped remake this city, in some ways, for his own maximum personal comfort.
  11. The Megatowers Are Coming to East MidtownA proposed zoning change to the area near Grand Central is set to remake the neighborhood for decades. But at what cost?
  12. When Culture Feels Like O’Hare: On the Shed and the Giant-Sizing of MoMAGiant-sizing our culture.
  13. urban design
    Behold the Next New Astor PlaceIt survived riots and punks. How about low-key plazas and cute NYU kids?
  14. urban design
    Imagining a Wooden SkylineA new miracle building material that could change the way skyscrapers are designed.
  15. cityscape
    The Urban Designer Who Brought Whimsy to London Is Turning His Eye to New YorkThomas Heatherwick is the Willy Wonka of Hudson Yards.
  16. the critics
    Sugar Hill: Affordable Housing As Arty FortressThe new building is maddening precisely because of its fine intentions, but extravagant misjudgments. 
  17. behold the future
    There Is Suddenly a Huge Budget for Hurricane-Proofing NYC Maybe the time the next great storm menaces, we’ll watch it roll in from atop a necklace of landscaped mounds.
  18. urban design
    What Bloomberg Associates Can Learn From Mexico CityBloomberg might fantasize about cleaning up the chaos, but he ought to study what’s already been accomplished.
  19. urban design
    Davidson on the Tricky Landmark DebatesConsider these six.
  20. hurricane sandy
    10 Design Ideas to Prepare Us for the Next SandyThe future will not be dry.
  21. hurricane sandy
    New York’s Wet Future: How to Live With the SeaUntil last week, re-redesigning the waterfront seemed like a leisure-time extra. Now it’s become urgent business.