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  1. urban fauna
    Manhattan Mice Have Evolved to Live on Cheese FriesProwling New York with the evolutionary-biologist author of ‘Darwin Comes to Town.’
  2. Harlem’s One-Antlered Deer Gets Last-Minute Stay on Execution, Then DiesBut there is probably no hope now for the Cuomo–de Blasio relationship.
  3. Coyote Almost Attacks a Girl Walking Home From School in ConnecticutNot the first sighting this year.
  4. SI Birders Spot What Could Be the First Bald Eagle Born in NYC in a CenturyOr they could just be visiting from Jersey.
  5. urban fauna
    Inside the Avian Clinic That Brings Birds Back From the BrinkNew York birds restored to health after gunshot wounds, mid-flight collisions, and other indignities.
  6. season’s eatings
    Toronto Squirrels Trying to Blame Weight Gain on Global WarmingA very important public-health report out of Toronto. 
  7. urban fauna
    Gallery: The Birders of Prospect Park, Out in Peak SeasonIt’s a prime stopover for North America’s most colorful birds returning from the tropics.
  8. urban fauna
    Why Coyotes Are Flourishing in New York CityThey may be better suited to the urban environment than you’d expect.