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    Urban Outfitters Under Fire for Selling Holocaust-Themed TapestryIt looks like outfits worn by gay prisoners.
  2. stuck in the mittle
    Urban Outfitters Is Selling Mitt Romney GearThe death of hope, the resurgence of irony?
  3. in other news
    Huma Likes WeinerWonk watchers have been panting for Hillary Clinton aide and classy Vogue lady Huma Abedin and Congressman/mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner to hook up for a while now, and today the Observer reports that they probably definitely are. Personally, we are not so turned on by this; we find it kind of off-putting when politicians have sex lives. It’s like when you find out that your parents do it: First of all, ew, and, secondly, shouldn’t you be spending your every waking moment taking care of us? That said, we understand the appeal of a Huma-Weiner union: They are both single up-and-comers of a certain age, they are both relatively attractive, and, perhaps most importantly, the congressman’s last name is Weiner, a name that we as mature people tend to find endlessly hilarious. However, we take issue with the headline the Observer went with: “Is Hillary’s Sultry Aide Waxing Congressman’s Weiner?” Why did they bring “waxing” into it when simplicity is clearly best? Is something going unreported here? Did someone tell Spencer Morgan that Huma is into hairless wieners? Or! Is the Observer saying that because she works for Hillary she’s a masochist? Because, if they are, that is so wrong. Almost as wrong as putting the sentence “Huma is into hairless wieners” onto the Internet. Twice. Is Hillary’s Sultry Aide Waxing Congressman’s Weiner [NYO]
  4. gossipmonger
    Heath and Michelle: Everything’s Wrong!Michelle Williams may be leaving Boerum Hill because the brownstone she lives in is too big for just her and the baby. A pregnant Nicole Richie smoked a cigarette outside Da Silvano. Ed Westwick, a.k.a. Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl, likes playing the bad boy. (Also, he’s British!) Ryan Gosling shopped for flannel shirts at the Urban Outfitters on West 14th and also set off the store alarm. Jennifer Hudson canoodled with New York Jets free safety Kerri Rhodes at Cipriani. Joan Rivers claims her apartment was once haunted by a Jewish ghost from Larchmont. Natalie Portman couldn’t flirt her way to a table at LES restaurant Apizz. The launch party of the Supper Club at the National Arts Club was way too hot.
  5. in other news
    Bloomberg, Spitzer Prompt Conceptual Breakthrough: Could It Be Better Not to Be an Asshole?We have — we have always had — a soft spot in our heart for those who can expertly muster and deploy arrogance, obnoxiousness, self- righteousness, and general assholery. (No, there’s no particular reason we appreciate those traits. Ahem.) This is one of many reasons we have admired both our governor and our mayor. But this week there’s some bad news. First, Steve Fishman’s cover profile in the magazine showed that Eliot Spitzer’s trademark and self-assured aggressive intransigence may not be working for him and may well actually be working against him. Then come reports today that Mike Bloomberg’s trademark and self-assured mellow certitude could have been what did in his congestion- pricing plan.
  6. company town
    Who Will Catch the ‘Redbook’ Traitor?MEDIA • Will the $10,000 that Jezebel paid for an unretouched Redbook cover be enough to feed the sure-to-be-fired leaker? [WWD] • Houghton Mifflin will acquire Harcourt from rival Reed Elsevier for $4 billion. [NYT] • Rolling Stone publisher Tim Castelli has left the magazine to be New York sales director for Google. [Ad Age]