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  1. coronavirus
    Listen: Acting Navy Secretary Calls Fired Captain ‘Stupid’ in Leaked SpeechDays after he was fired and tested positive for COVID-19, former Captain Brett Crozier is publicly attacked by the Navy’s acting secretary.
  2. coronavirus
    Navy Captain Who Was Removed From Command Has the CoronavirusOn Saturday, Trump attacked Captain Brett Crozier, who had spoken out about his coronavirus-stricken crew last month.
  3. Here’s a Video of a Navy Jet Encountering a UFO“What the f*ck is that thing?”
  4. 3 Missing After U.S. Navy Plane Crashes Near JapanIt’s the latest accident for the beleaguered Seventh Fleet.
  5. Navy Ends Its Search for Missing Sailors From the U.S.S. McCainIt’s an acknowledgement that the sailors are not expected to be found alive.
  6. 10 Sailors Missing After U.S. Navy Destroyer Collides With Oil TankerThe incident comes two months after seven sailors died in a similar collision.
  7. international affairs
    7 Sailors Found Dead After Collision of U.S. Destroyer and Merchant ShipThe bodies of seven U.S. sailors reported missing following the collision were eventually discovered in flooded compartments aboard the ship.
  8. China’s Navy ‘Stole’ a U.S. Underwater Drone in South China SeaThe U.S. says the underwater vehicle was simply measuring ocean conditions.
  9. international incidents
    Navy Fires Commander of Sailors Detained by IranCommander Eric Rasch’s superiors had “a loss of confidence” in his abilities.
  10. crimes and misdeamnors
    U.S. Naval Officer Charged With EspionageLieutenant Commander Edward Lin was allegedly passing secrets to China.
  11. early and often
    Cruz Will Abandon International Law, If ElectedHe’s very upset about the Iranian hostage crisis that he imagined.