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  1. the economy
    Meatpacking Crisis Shows Limits of Human Sacrifice As Recovery PlanTrump ordered plants to put maintaining the meat supply above keeping workers safe. But without better public-health policies, they can’t do either.
  2. coronavirus
    The USDA’s Plan to Feed Americans and Pay Farmers Is Not EnoughCritics say the Department of Agriculture’s strategy to buy surplus produce to give to the food-insecure has strategic flaws and not enough funding.
  3. trump administration
    USDA Watchdog to Investigate Department’s Alleged Suppression of Climate ScienceTrump administration appointees allegedly tried to bury research showing climate change’s devastating impacts on U.S. agriculture.
  4. Sam Clovis, Trump Aide Caught Up in Russia Probe, Leaves USDA JobThe guy who told George Papadopoulos to visit Moscow “if feasible” is heading home to Iowa.
  5. Trump Adviser Clovis Nomination to USDA Torpedoed by Russia ProbeIt’s been a long, strange trip for Trump adviser Sam Clovis since he joined the team in Iowa.
  6. the birds
    Bird Die-Off Mystery Solved When Government Admits It Just Killed Them All Out of FrustrationAt least it wasn’t the End Times.
  7. que sherrod sherrod
    Shirley Sherrod Thinks She and the USDA Should Go on a BreakShe turns down Tom Vilsack’s job offer.
  8. the post-racial world
    Bill O’Reilly Apologizes To Shirley Sherrod… Then Continues Criticizing Her“Memo to Shirley: using phrases like ‘his own kind’ is not a good ‘bringing people together’ strategy.”
  9. the post-racial world
    Will Tom Vilsack Pull a Bud Selig?A blown call that has to be reversed.
  10. the post-racial world
    Black USDA Official Was So Racist to White Farmer That They Became ‘Friends for Life’The many twists and turns of the nation’s latest racial controversy.