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  1. covid
    USPS to Deliver Free COVID Tests … Sometime Soon?The Biden administration is “finalizing” plans to send an unknown number of COVID tests to Americans who want them at some point in the coming weeks.
  2. usps
    Using the U.S. Postal Service Is About to Get More ExpensiveThe price of various mail services will increase this summer as part of Louis DeJoy’s cost-cutting plan. Adjust your stamp-hoarding plans accordingly.
  3. usps
    Louis DeJoy Plans Extensive Postal Service Cutbacks: ReportThe proposal reportedly includes longer first-class delivery windows, higher postage prices, and reduced post office hours.
  4. special delivery
    Sure, Laugh Away. But Every Big Vehicle Should Look Like the New USPS TruckWe admit it’s goofy-looking, but it’s a much safer design for crowded cities.
  5. united states postal service
    The USPS Is Struggling With COVID and Christmas SurgesIncreased demand, workers out sick, and confusion over cutbacks are causing delays at the Postal Service during the most chaotic time of the year.
  6. scandals
    What We Know About Louis DeJoy’s Campaign Finance ScandalThe postmaster general allegedly operated an illegal “straw-donor” scheme at his former company.
  7. usps
    The House Post Office Hearing Was a Clown ShowThere were some bright spots during Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s testimony, but little of value was accomplished.
  8. buyer’s market
    The Post Office Has a Financial Problem, Not a CrisisThere are business questions underlying many of the political questions that surround the USPS.
  9. united states postal service
    Postmaster General Louis DeJoy to Testify on Alarming Changes at USPSThe House Oversight Committee will host DeJoy on Aug. 24 to discuss the apparent plan to slow the mail before an election dependent on mail-in voting.
  10. usps
    Trump Requests Mail-in Ballot As He Condemns Voting by MailThe president has never been one to hold himself to the standards he applies to others.
  11. united states postal service
    Could USPS Leadership Overhaul Be Part of Trump’s Push to Impair Mail-in Voting?Changes at the top of the Postal Service appear to be part of Trump’s effort to undermine the agency ahead of an election reliant on mail-in voting.
  12. politics
    How Changes to the USPS Might Affect Voting by MailThe Trump administration’s changes to the Postal Service are creating delivery delays, and they could make mail-in voting less efficient and fair.
  13. crimes and misdemeanors
    Rogue Postal Worker Caught Trashing MailVery illegal.
  14. mail order
    Amazon Talked the USPS Into Delivering on SundaysThey’re not saying how much it cost.
  15. U.S. Postal Service May End Next-Day DeliveryAs part of $3bn cost-cutting.
  16. The Post Office Goes NegativeE-mail is their target.
  17. headaches
    USPS May Close 34 New York Post OfficesAs usual, the Bronx gets the worst of it.
  18. stupid crime of the day
    Deliveryman Arrested for Hoarding MailCue ‘Seinfeld’ jokes.
  19. the morning line
    Testing, Testing • Eliot Spitzer doesn’t just want DNA samples from all convicts and parolees. He also wants automatic HIV tests for all rape suspects, in a bill that’s dividing Albany, where some Democrats see testing “by virtue of indictment” as a slippery slope. [NYT] • Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz is quickly turning into a tiny local version of Tom DeLay: First came the strategic purge of a community board, now he’s in hot water for accepting a free cruise on Queen Mary 2 after lobbying Cunard to dock the ship in Red Hook. [NYP] • Accounting assistant could be a pretty lucrative job, provided you’re ready to (a) steal and (b) go to jail. Eileen Koranteng, for instance, parlayed said gig at Riverdale Country School into both a $500,000 windfall and fifteen years behind bars if convicted. • Chuck Schumer has Lyme disease! The senator is receiving treatments after he was bitten by a deer tick in the Hudson Valley. In an odd coincidence — this is not a joke — he’s proposed a $100 million research grant to study the disease. [WNBC] • And in a first that doesn’t bode well for the future of the Postal Service, Saks Fifth Avenue’s shoe department got its own Zip Code: 10222-SHOE. Nice PR move, but we’re not sure Saks is ready to embrace the yo-mama-so-fat- she-has-her-own-Zip-Code jokes. [amNY]