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  1. early and often
    Trump Ally Mike Lee Begs for Mitt Romney’s Endorsement on TV“Please get onboard,” the Republican asked Romney in an appeal on Fox News after the race for Utah senator got tighter than expected.
  2. early and often
    Transphobic Utah Parents Launch Witch Hunt Against TeenWhen their daughter lost to another girl, the parents asked the teen’s school to investigate whether she was transgender.
  3. 2020 elections
    Another Deep-Red State Votes to Expand MedicaidIn a fairly close vote, Missouri became the 38th state to sign on, even as Republicans try to cripple the Affordable Care Act.
  4. d.c. statehood
    Congress to Vote on D.C. Statehood for the First Time in DecadesIt would likely take a Democratic Senate plus filibuster reform to become law, but the cause of making D.C. the 51st state remains alive.
  5. impeachment
    Somebody Explain to Trump That ‘Traitors’ Schiff and Pelosi Cannot Be ImpeachedTrump’s rage toward those pursuing his impeachment follows his M.O. of accusing his accusers of whatever he’s done, even if it’s unconstitutional.
  6. medicaid expansion
    Utah Republicans Move to Thwart Voter-Ordered Medicaid ExpansionThe bill substitutes a partial expansion with right-wing conditions they expect the administration to approve, in place of a voter-mandated expansion.
  7. vision 2020
    Mitt Romney Rips Trump’s Character in New Op-edRomney loves the tax cuts, but he hates Trump’s tweets.
  8. 2018 midterms
    Utah Republican Mia Love Fires Back at Trump in Concession SpeechTrump mocked the defeat of the first black Republican woman in Congress. Love suggested he was part of her party’s minority outreach problem.
  9. Mitt Romney Wrote in His Wife, Ann, for President in 2016He may have voted for a woman, but it wasn’t Hillary Clinton.
  10. Virginia Is Giving Obamacare a Huge — If Belated — WinDemocrats were able to wrangle a few GOP votes to expand Medicaid coverage to hundreds of thousands of needy Virginians.
  11. Maine’s Governor Defies the Law and Voters on Medicaid ExpansionRepublican Paul LePage plans to block a voter-sanctioned measure via stubborn defiance of the law.
  12. Mitt Romney Announces U.S. Senate Run With Small Swipes at Trump“On Utah’s Capitol Hill, people treat one another with respect,” Romney says, an obvious reference to you-know-who.
  13. State Party Chair’s Attack on Romney Is Sour Grapes, Not a ThreatYes, there will be grumbling, but the 2018 Senate race in Utah is definitely Mitt Romney’s to lose.
  14. Orrin Hatch to Retire, Meaning We Might See Senator Mitt Romney in 2019Having the GOP presidential nominee and anti-Trump firebrand in the Republican caucus would be interesting.
  15. stuck in the mittle
    The Flaw in Strategic Genius Steve Bannon’s Effort to Sour Utah on Mitt RomneyHe said Romney hid behind Mormonism to avoid Vietnam, proving he has less integrity than alleged predator Roy Moore. That won’t go over well in Utah.
  16. Trump Triggers War for the Future of Land ConservationThe president just stripped monument protections from 2 million acres in Utah. Now, a legal battle between oil companies and environmentalists looms.
  17. stuck in the mittle
    Trump and Bannon Don’t Want Senator Romney — But They Might Not Have Much SayBoth the president and his former strategist seem to prefer incumbent Senator Orrin Hatch, and Utahns might not care.
  18. Mitt Romney May Be Headed to the SenateThat’s bad news for Bannon.
  19. ‘RINO’ Curtis Wins Utah GOP Special House PrimaryHe finished fifth at the GOP district convention and was attacked by out-of-state conservatives as a RINO, but John Curtis prevailed in the primary.
  20. In Utah Today, Voters Are Picking Jason Chaffetz’s SuccessorIn a deep-red House district, the mayor of Provo is the front-runner but is under attack as a RINO.
  21. The Democrats’ Losing Streak Will Likely End in NovemberThe party needs a win in a nationally significant and competitive contest. There is still hope this year.
  22. Orrin Hatch: Mitt Romney to Remain Retired Rich Guy Rather Than Run for SenateHatch has previously said he’d retire if Romney were to run.
  23. Chaffetz Is Abruptly Retiring From Congress — Is His Next Gig About to Begin?He seems ready for some network screen time.
  24. Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz Will Not Seek ReelectionThe Republican whose indifference to Trump’s corruption put the “oversight” in House Oversight Chair is returning to the private sector.
  25. Mitt Romney Is Toying With a Senate Run From UtahHe’ll only do it though if Senator Orrin Hatch retires and gives his blessing.
  26. 5th-Party Candidate Threatening to Win in UtahIt’s all part of Evan McMullin’s highly unlikely plan to become president.
  27. Trump Getting Thumped in Post-Tape-Gate PollsTrump’s 11-year-old endorsement of sexual assault has Ohio looking blue — and Utah and Georgia turning purple.
  28. Evan McMullin’s Unlikely Strategy to Win the White House: It’s All About UtahIf the independent conservative candidate can keep Clinton and Trump from a majority of electoral votes and knock the race into the House.
  29. early and often
    Utah GOP Asks Trump to Campaign in StateConsidering Trump’s unpopularity, especially with Mormons, the state’s Republican chairman is trying to prevent the state from becoming purple.
  30. the environment
    As America’s Largest Reservoir Hits Record Low, a Dam Debate ReturnsNow that the Colorado River basin’s water supply is drying up, should we consider undoing some of America’s greatest engineering feats?
  31. Previewing the Democrats’ March 22 Primaries: Some Western Relief for Sanders?Sanders is expected to sweep the caucuses in lily-white Idaho and Utah, while Clinton wins the Arizona primary. 
  32. Previewing the GOP’s March 22 Primaries: What Will Happen in Utah and Arizona?Anything other than a winner-take-all win for Trump in Arizona and a winner-take-most win for Cruz in Utah would be a surprise.
  33. Trump Would Create a Wildly Fluid Nov. ElectionJust a few months ago, all of the key dynamics seemed set in concrete. That’s no longer true.  
  34. amazing things
    Poll: Utah Would Support Democrat If Trump Becomes Republican NomineeThe state hasn’t supported a Democratic presidential candidate in more than 50 years.
  35. phew
    Utah School Decides Not to Make Students Create ISIS Propaganda“We don’t want students going on the internet and looking up terrorist things.”
  36. natural disasters
    Death Toll Rises to 18 As Utah Recovers From Flash Floods Two people remain missing.
  37. Utah Representative Scared of Grandma’s Opinions on the Death Penalty“She scared me. I’m glad she’s not my grandmother.” 
  38. capital punishment
    Utah Legislators Pass Bill That Makes Execution by Firing Squad LegalThe state is the only one that has used a firing squad for an execution in recent years.
  39. death penalty
    Utah Wants the Right to Shoot You to DeathWhich, actually, may be a tad more humane than lethal injection.
  40. police shootings
    Utah Autopsy Confirms Black Man Shot in the BackDarrien Hunt, 22, had a small steel sword, and may have been acting as an anime character.
  41. police shootings
    Darrien Hunt Shot 6 Times in the Back by PoliceWhat we know so far in the shooting of 22-year-old Darrien Hunt.
  42. equal rites
    Gay Marriage Ban Overturned in ColoradoIs another Supreme Court fight next?
  43. capital punishment
    Utah Lawmaker Wants to Bring Back Firing SquadsPaul Ray argues that it’s a more “humane” method of execution.
  44. equal rites
    United States Will Recognize Marriages of Utah’s Same-Sex Newlyweds The state will not.
  45. equal rites
    Supreme Court Stops Gay Marriage in Utah for NowThe state’s decision is on pause during an appeal.
  46. equal rites
    Utah Better Get Used to the Idea of Gay Marriage, Like, NowAnother federal judge struck down another ban.
  47. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney’s Fund-raisers Seem to Be Having a Nice Time in Utah800 of them descended on a Park City resort for some quality time with the candidate.
  48. coming out
    Watch a Democrat Come Out of the Closet“We need to talk.”
  49. equal rites
    Mormons Participate in Utah Gay Pride Parade for First TimeStraight Mormons showed up to march.
  50. election 2012
    Primary Challenger Uses Orrin Hatch’s Old Tricks Against HimCall it karma.
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