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  1. media
    Rolling Stone Finds New Managing EditorMen’s Journal editor Jason Fine.
  2. campus sexual assault
    Everything We Know About the UVA Rape Case [Updated]A guide to the many questions and controversies raised by the now-debunked Rolling Stone article.
  3. journalism
    Rolling Stone Managing Editor Steps Down in Wake of Botched Rape Story The magazine was also hit with a second defamation suit over the retracted report.
  4. uva
    UVA Dean Sues Rolling Stone DefamationNicole Eramo is seeking $7.5 million in damages.
  5. uva
    UVA Dean Writes Scathing Open Letter to Rolling StoneDean Nicole Eramo says “A Rape on Campus” “deeply damaged me both personally and professionally.”
  6. journalism
    Megyn Kelly: ‘Cute’ to Hope for Lessons From UVAThe lamestream media will never learn.
  7. police brutality
    Bloody Arrest of Black UVA Student Sparks Protest Over Police BrutalityVirginia’s governor has ordered an investigation.
  8. How the Washington Post Got Rape Reporting RightCosby, UVa, and lessons in journalistic ethics.
  9. ink-stained wretches
    Rolling Stone Regrets Blaming Alleged Victim for Messy UVA Rape StoryAfter initially concluding, “Our trust in her was misplaced.”