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    Kyrie Irving Will Be Allowed to Play Home Games By the PlayoffsEric Adams will reportedly announce an end to the athlete vaccine mandate on Thursday, allowing the anti-vaxx Brooklyn Net to play at Barclays.
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    New York City to Drop School-Mask Mandate and Vaccine Mandate for Indoor VenuesGovernor Hochul announced that the state’s school-mask mandate would end Wednesday. Mayor Adams then said the city mandates would likely end March 7.
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    Is Kyrie Irving Going to Get Away With It?The NBA commissioner appears to have come to the vaccine skeptic’s aid, saying the NYC vaccine mandate for home teams “just doesn’t quite make sense.”
  4. politics
    The Supreme Court Goes Anti-VaxxThe High Court’s overreach is as absurd as it is brazen.
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    Kyrie Irving’s Return Lasted One NightThe unvaccinated all-star was going to play again, now he’s been in the league’s protocols after a suspect COVID test.
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    Biden’s COVID-Vaccine Mandate for Large Companies Is Back On, for NowA federal appeals court reinstated the vaccination-or-testing requirement on Friday, though the case is likely headed for the Supreme Court.
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    Will Republicans Force a Government Shutdown to Fight Biden’s Vaccine Mandates?A small group of conservatives can gum up the works and force at least a brief shutdown. But with Omicron looming, the timing is strange.
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    Austria Institutes Lockdown, National Vaccine Mandate Amid COVID SurgeDemonstrations against anti-COVID restrictions were staged in Vienna and several other European cities on Saturday.
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    New Leader of Oklahoma National Guard Rejects Federal Vaccine MandateThe state’s mandate-opposing governor appointed the new leader and directed him to institute the policy, which goes against Defense Department orders.
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    Turns Out Aaron Rodgers Isn’t Vaccinated After AllAfter saying he was “immunized” in August, the Packers QB got COVID following a homeopathic treatment that didn’t raise his antibodies.
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    The Nets Really Don’t Want ThisThe team’s best-laid plans are no match for one stubborn anti-vaxxer.
  12. the national interest
    Ron DeSantis Goes All In on Vaccine SkepticismNo more playing coy.
  13. public safety
    The Police’s Farcical War on Vaccine MandatesIt turns out cops may not have a special appreciation for the sanctity of life after all.
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    NYC to Mandate Vaccination for All Public WorkersThe city’s biggest police union has already promised legal action.
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    California Will Make COVID Vaccination Mandatory for All SchoolchildrenThe first-in-the-nation policy will begin to go into effect after the FDA approves a COVID-19 vaccine for children.
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    ‘I’m Not Changing My Mind’: New York Fires Unvaccinated Health-Care WorkersHospitals are holding on so far, after the mandate to get the shot took effect at midnight.
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    Vaccine Mandate for New York City Teachers ReinstatedTeachers and school staff have until 5 p.m. Friday to get their first dose of a COVID vaccine, after a federal court denied an appeal.
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    DeSantis and the Agony of the Anti-Anti-Anti-Vaxx RepublicanThe GOP-elite darling tries to walk a careful line, and falls off.
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    Is Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Smart Politics or ‘Civil War’?Democrats are counting on vaccinated people supporting mandates, while Republicans are freaking out in ways that may reinforce images from January 6.
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    NYC School Employees Now Required to Receive COVID VaccineAll NYCDOE employees, including teachers, custodians, and food-service workers, must receive their first dose by September 27 and cannot opt out.
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    The NFL Should Require Fans to Get VaccinatedSome sports leagues are making it more difficult for players to avoid being inoculated. That’s not good enough.
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    NEA, The Largest Teachers Union in the Nation, Supports Vaccine RequirementsThe president of the NEA also expressed support for regular COVID-19 tests for teachers in lieu of receiving the vaccine.
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    New York City’s Vaccine Mandates Are WorkingVaccinations have increased significantly since Mayor de Blasio announced that city employees must prove they signed up for a shot.
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    FDA Accelerates Timeline for Final Approval of Pfizer VaccineThe regulatory agency reportedly has an unofficial deadline of Labor Day or sooner, clearing potential legal hurdles for some vaccine mandates.
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    More Businesses Need to Mandate Vaccines for WorkersThis is no time for caution from corporate America.
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    Vaccine Mandates Finally Have Some MomentumNYC, California, and the VA announced policies to compel unvaccinated employees to get the shot. Biden is reportedly considering a similar mandate.
  27. false equivalence
    Ilhan Omar and Marjorie Taylor Greene Are Not EquivalentIt’s lazily convenient to lump these two “extremists” together. But there’s no comparison in what they’ve said and how they’ve dealt with criticism.
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    Greene’s Logic: Democrats Are Nazis, So Their Agenda Is Like the HolocaustIn the MAGA world, where all Democrats are socialists, and Adolf Hitler was a socialist, all Democratic initiatives are like the Holocaust.