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  1. campus protest
    Who ‘Censored’ the Portraits of Black Harvard Law Professors?Was it an electrical-tape hate crime?
  2. crimes and misdemeanors
    ‘Very Drunk’ California Man Defaces Historic RocksHe wrote “blow jobs 24-7” on a bighorn sheep carving.
  3. kids today
    Teens Literally Caught Red-Handed While Vandalizing Civil War Memorial The Simpsons did it.
  4. crimes and misdemeanors
    Someone Slashed Peter Vallone’s TiresAnd probably got caught on camera.
  5. come on
    Jackie Robinson Statue Defaced in Most Offensive Way PossiblePeople suck.
  6. crimes and misdemeanors
    Religious Vandalism in Brooklyn Was NondenominationalThe suspect hit both Christian and Jewish buildings.
  7. vandalism
    Washington, D.C., Is Covered in Green PaintTwo more landmarks were hit after the Lincoln Memorial.
  8. citi bike
    The ‘Shiti Bike’ Sticker Campaign Is Upon UsSomeone doesn’t like the bike share.
  9. school daze
    The School Bus Strike Has Taken a Violent TurnSomeone punctured tires of idle buses.
  10. vandalism
    Brooklyn Civil War Statue Drenched in PaintRight before its anniversary.
  11. Ed Sullivan Theater Vandal Debuts New ExcuseUnfortunately, “It’s the Irish in me,” doesn’t hold up in court.
  12. love and war
    Breaking Up With a Well-Connected NYPD Sergeant Is Hard to DoLove makes even important people commit crazy acts of vandalism.
  13. Ed Sullivan Theater Vandal Just Had a ‘Rough Day’An above-average rough day with a dash of public urination.
  14. ows spring offensive
    Tompkins Square Park Closed Last Night After Black-Clad Rampage It’s not clear yet if it was tied to Occupy Wall Street.
  15. vandalism
    Baby Jesus and Virgin Mary Statue Defaced With KISS MakeupIn Williamsburg, of course.
  16. hate crimes
    Brooklyn Vandals Won’t Quit With the Anti-SemitismMore swastika graffiti turned up over the weekend.
  17. drinking
    James Whittemore Isn’t Quite Sure How Much He Drank Before He Trashed the Ed Sullivan TheaterNot surprising.
  18. neighborhood news
    Tompkins Square Park Sculpture Gets Installed, Crocheted, and Defaced in the Space of Three DaysThanks for the memories, Alphabet City.