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  1. investigations
    The Vaping Industry Has Gone RogueJuul’s been dethroned. Mysterious upstarts sell banned flavors shipped in from China. Counterfeits are everywhere. And the authorities seem hopeless.
  2. public health
    Who Thought Sucking on a Battery Was a Good Idea?Millions of Americans, some of them teens who never would’ve picked up a cigarette, are vaping. Last year’s panic might be the least of our worries.
  3. vaping
    Trump Sours on E-Cig Flavor Ban Amid Fear of Losing the Vaper VoteTeens don’t vote, but vapers do and Trump doesn’t want to lose them.
  4. vision 2020
    Trump Allies Think His Vaping Ban Could Cost Him 2020 ElectionA snapshot of our failing democracy.
  5. vaping
    Vape Safety Requires Legalizing MarijuanaIf the government wants to be serious about ensuring consumer safety, it’s the only way.
  6. vaping
    Trump’s FDA Plans to Ban Flavored E-CigarettesThe White House responds to a surge in teen vaping.
  7. the top line
    Instead of Juul, San Francisco Should Have Banned CigarettesOr gotten ahead of the vaping more effectively by piloting an effective age-restriction regime.
  8. public health
    McConnell Wants to Raise Tobacco Age to 21, in Rare Good GOP Public Health MoveMcConnell’s bill appears to be a step in the right direction to cut smoking, which makes it a departure from standard GOP policies on public health.
  9. select all
    Is That an Exploding Vape in Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy to See Me?It’s unclear what caused the malfunction.
  10. So It’s Come to This: Playing Flappy Bird on a Vape PenInnovation is everywhere.
  11. 100 person poll
    How 100 New Yorkers Feel About E-Cigarettes and Vaping in PublicNearly 40 percent of locals have vaped, based on our survey.