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Vaughn Walker

  1. equal rites
    Federal Judge Rejects Bid to Dismiss Prop 8 RulingThe judge in that case, Vaughn Walker, had no obligation to recuse himself because he himself is gay.
  2. equal rites
    Judge Walker Hints That the Prop 8 Case May Not Make It to the Supreme Court After AllCould his Proposition 8 ruling remain where it is?
  3. equal rites
    Judge Lifts Stay on Prop 8 Reversal, Gays in California Allowed to Marry Once Again (On August 18)Luckily there’s a line of couples waiting outside City Hall in San Francisco waiting to do just that.
  4. what other people think
    Vaughn Walker’s Decision: The TakesWhat do legal experts think will happen from here on the issue of Proposition 8?
  5. equal rites
    The Prop 8 Ruling: The Scrutiny Question, and What Will Happen Next?What does yesterday’s landmark decision mean for tomorrow?
  6. equal rites
    California Already Issuing Marriage Licenses to Gay CouplesThat didn’t take long.
  7. equal rites
    Arguments Begin in California Proposition 8 CaseThis looks like it’s going to be a boisterous bunch.